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  1. abase
    to humiliate, to humble, to lower
  2. abash
    ashamed, embarrassed
  3. abate
    to lessen, to decrease
  4. abdicate
    to yield, to give up
  5. aberration
    abnormality, devation
  6. abet
    to aid, to encourage
  7. abeyance
    a temporary postponement
  8. abhor
    to hate, to detest
  9. abide
    • 1. to remain
    • 2. to put up with
  10. abject
    miserable, wretched
  11. abjure
    to give up (rights)
  12. ablution
    a washing, cleansing
  13. abnegate
    to deny, to reject
  14. abolition
    doing away with, putting an end to
  15. abominate
    to detest, to dislike strongly
  16. aborigine
    original inhabitant
  17. abortive
  18. aboveboard
    honest, frank, open
  19. abrade
    to wear away
  20. abrogate
    to abolish, to repeal
  21. abscond
    to leave secretly, to flee
  22. absolve
    to free from responsibility
  23. abstemious
    moderate or sparing in eating or drinking
  24. abstinence
    self-denial, resistance to temptation
  25. abstract
    • 1. a summary
    • 2. to remove
  26. abstruse
    hard to understand
  27. abut
    to touch, to rest on or against
  28. abysmal
    wretched, extremely bad
  29. academic
    • 1. pertaining to school
    • 2. theoretical or unrealistic
  30. accede
    to agree to
  31. acclaim
    to greet with approval
  32. acclimate
    to adapt, to get used to
  33. acclivity
    upward slope
  34. accolade
    honor, award, approval
  35. accord
  36. accost
    to approach and speak to
  37. accoutrement
    equipment, outfit
  38. accredit
    to approve, to certify
  39. accretion
    an increase, an addition
  40. accrue
    to gather, to accumulate
  41. acerbic
    sharp or bitter in smell or taste
  42. acme
    highest point, peak
  43. acquiesce
    to agree, to consent
  44. acquit
    to free of guilt, to clear
  45. acrid
    bitter to the taste or smell, sarcastic
  46. acrimonious
    harsh in speech or behavior
  47. acrophobia
    fear of heights
  48. actuate
    to put into motion or action
  49. acumen
    mental keenness, shrewdness
  50. ad infinitum
    endlessly, forever
  51. ad lib
    to act or speak without preparation
  52. adage
    a familiar saying
  53. adamant
    stubborn, unyielding
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