ch.16 Medical Terminology

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  1. accomodation (Acc)
    Ability of eye to adjust to variation in distance
  2. achromatopsia
    • Profound inability to see in color from birth
    • aka color blindness
  3. amblyopia
    • Loss of vision not due to any disease; not correctable with glasses; persons with amblyopia wear a patch over one eye to work
    • commonly called lazy eye
  4. astigmatism
    • uneven bending of light rays caused by irregular curvature of cornea; image is fuzzy; 
    • corrected with cylindrical lenses
  5. cataract
    • Lens becomes cloudy or opaque
    • results in whole vision field becoming blurry
    • treatment is usually surgical removal of cataract and replacement of lens with artificial lens
  6. Color vision tests
    Use of multicolored charts to determine ability of patient to recognize color
  7. Corneal abrasion
    Scraping away of outer layer of cornea
  8. cryoextraction
    Procedure to remove lens with cataract using an extremely cold probe
  9. diabetic retinopathy
    • Development of small hemorrhages and edema in retina as a result of diabetes mellitus
    • dark spots appear in visual field 
    • laser surgery can be necessary for treatment
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