Chapter 5-2

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  1. Real
    • Land and houses.
    • Legally indicated by a deed
  2. Personal
    • Tangible and movable.
    • Legally indicated by a sales receipt
  3. Intellectual
    • Intangible
    • Indicated via trade secrets, trademarks, copy-rights, or patents
  4. Trade Secrets
    • Coca-Cola formula
    • No time limit
    • Legal protection against others attempting to learn secret
    • May be legally "reverse engineered"
  5. Trademarks
    • Relates to any word, name, symbol, or device which is used to indicate source of goods
    • Xerox
    • Opportunity to renew every 5 years
    • Can be lost if owner cannot demonstrate reasonable effort made to prevent public from using trademark in generic sense.
  6. Copyrights
    • Intellectual forms of expressions
    • Artwork, books, music
    • Renewable
    • Very long-lasting
    • Finite Time limit
    • Only protects expression of idea, not the idea itself
  7. Patents
    • Utility Patents
    • Plant Patents
    • Design Patents
  8. Utility Patents
    • protect functional products or concepts.
    • 20 years of protects
    • nonrenewable
  9. Design Patents
    Protect asexually produced plants
  10. Design Patents
    • Protect the form or shape of an object
    • Only protect the appearance, not the functional capabilities
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