Chapter 7

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  1. Knowledge Blocks
    Reasonably deep scientific knowledge base from which to draw ideas is needed
  2. Perceptual Blocks
    • Stereotyping elements - See things only for what they were designed for, not for anything they could possibly be used for
    • Delimiting the problem - imagining that additional constraints exist beyond the actual design specifications
    • Information overload - difficulty in distinguishing which information is important, and which isn't
  3. Emotional Blocks
    • Fear of failure
    • a need to follow prescribed paths
    • a tendency to accept the status quo
    • impatience
  4. Cultural Blocks and Expectations
    Culture of a company may discourage new ways of performing tasks
  5. Expressive Blocks
    Inability to communicate effectively
  6. Design by Accident
  7. Brainstorming
    Generate as many ideas as possible in a given amount of time
  8. Brainwriting
    • Each member records hie ideas on paper
    • Sheets are passed to next person so each individual builds on previous ideas
  9. Bionics
    Search for existing solution within nature than can be adapted to solve the problem under consideration.
  10. Checklisting
    • Use words and questions to trigger creative thought
    • Focus upon possible changes in an existing product concept, or system. May focus upon quantity, order, time, state, or relative position.
  11. Synectics
    • Use analogies and metaphors to trigger ideas
    • Make the familiar strange
    • Make the strange familiar
  12. Analogies, adaptation, and duplicated design
    • direct - current problem is directly related to a similar solved problem
    • fantasy - imagine that a solution already exists
    • symbolic - use a poetic or literary analogy
    • personal - imagine being part of the system in order to view the problem form a different perspective
  13. Inversion
    Concentrate on ways to make a product less effective, then invert these ideas
  14. Idea Diagrams
    Organize and correlate ideas as they are generated
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