Question 4

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  1. 4. What was studied in Harris's longitudinal study on maturing boys?
    The socioeconomic development from adolescence to adulthood and the effect of early or late development
  2. 4. What were the results of Harris's study on maturing boys?
    Early maturing boys were less anxious, more self-assured, and scored higher on measures of dominance compared to late-maturing boys. This continued even into adulthood, when there were no more size differences. Early-maturing boys were more likely to end up with executive positions in their profession.
  3. 4. How does Harris link their findings on maturing boys to the Group Socialization Theory?
    According to the GST, social interactions with peers, especially in groups, have a measurable effect on personality and socio-emotional development. Boys that develop earlier, which is very genetic, are seen differently from their peers, so are then treated differently, higher social status. These different interactions are quantitatively different than those of late maturing boys. This leads to long-term, stable changes in their personality.
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Question regarding the fourth review question in my psychology class. Based on a longitudinal study discussed in class, how does “early” or “late” maturing boys relate to the Group Socialization Theory? (e.g., describe study, elaborate on findings, make the link & elaborate)
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