final review terms

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  1. tremor
    involuntary quivering movement of a part of body
  2. syncope
  3. supine
    directional term meaning lying horizontally and facing upward.
  4. delirium
    state of mental confusion with lack of orientation to time and place.
  5. delusions
    false belief held with conviction even in face of strong evidence to contrary
  6. mutation
    change or transformation form original
  7. lethargy
    abnormal drowsiness, the quality, or state of being lazy, sluggish or indifferent.
  8. vertigo
  9. aura
    sensations, such as seeing colors or smelling unusual odor, that occur just prior to epileptic seizure or a migraine headache.
  10. placebo
    inactive, harmless substance used to satisfy patient's desire for medication; also given to control groups of patients in research studies in which another group receives drug; effect of placebo versus drug is then observed.
  11. mobility
    state of having normal movement of all body parts
  12. emphysema
    pulmonary condition that can occur as result of long-term heavy smoking; air pollution also worseans this disease; patient may not be able to breathe except in sitting or standing position.
  13. palsy
    temporary or permanent loss of ability to control movement
  14. coma
    profound unconsciousness resulting form illness or injury
  15. amnesia
    loss of memory in which people forget their identity as a result of head injury or disorder, such as epilepsy, senility, and alcoholism; can be either temporary or permanent
  16. morbidity
    number that represents number of sick persons in particular population
  17. convulsions
    severe involuntary muscle contractions and relaxations; these have a variety of causes, such as epilepsy, fever, and toxic conditions.
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