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  1. Feminism post May 68 encourages...
    Women to become filmmaking
  2. Feminist reflection theory is...
    The depictions of women in film mirror how society treats women, these depictions are distortions of how women 'really are'
  3. Creators of the feminist reflection theory...
    Molly Haskell and Marjorie Rosen
  4. What does star studies, under feminist theory, mean?
    It is another form of authorship compared to the director as authors
  5. Define women as spectators under feminist theory...
    Women decode movies differently than what the movie might be encoded as
  6. Women decoded what type of genre differently than most critics would think?
  7. Defined reception theory under feminist theory...
    women as consumers of women; buying products from movies helps the spectators relate to characters
  8. Reception theory is similar to...
    Marxist theory
  9. The effect of stereotyping under Gay & Lesbian theory
    The gay is inferior to the heterosexual; makes the homosexual inferior and naturalizes the gay character
  10. Naturalizing gays means...
    a simple reflection of homosexuals, makes it seem as if this is how all gays act
  11. Define Gay Camp
    The name of gay spectorship of melodramatic films
  12. What is the analysis of Gay Camp?
    They ridicule the heterosexuals in the movie while getting pleasure from the heterosexuals at the same time
  13. The 4 definitions of what Queer is
    • 1. text and/or star has more than one non-straight sexual position or reading
    • 2. Reading/Creator has a different sexual orientation from text
    • 3. Straights do non-normative sex acts/roles
    • 4. Texts beyond established sexual categories; ones that blur boundaries
  14. Examples of Queer movies shown in class...
    Naked Lunch & Scorpio Rising
  15. Define role segregation
    Non-white actors are ineligible for certain kinds of roles while white actors can play roles can play racially defined roles for non-white actors
  16. What is role stratification?
    Non-white roles are static & one-dimensional, while white roles are complex
  17. Under Marxist theory, Hollywood Films are
    Populist Progaganda
  18. After May '68, film critics using Marxism start to look at two things in films
    Class and Institutions
  19. Define post structuralism
    The questioning of theories and why they were created
  20. Post structuralism believed that film theories believed that audiences were?
  21. Define Post Moderism
    Questions theories, but is also a theory, label and method
  22. Post Modernism benefits from this making data easier to access
    Technology, i.e. the Internet
  23. The Parody/Pastiche theory was created by
    Fredic Jameson
  24. Challenges to Reflection Theory
    Doesn't account for lesbians and spectatorship for race & class
  25. Who's classic early reflection work started the Gay/Lesbian theories?
    Vito Russo
  26. Define Parody/Pastiche
    Pastiche are references used to bring back nostalgia while parody are references used to make a point/purpose
  27. What is the basic idea to Race Ethnicity Cinema?
    Race being physical in color whereas ethnicity is a little more subtle
  28. What does stereotyping justify?
  29. The name the person who was critical of those focusing on stereotypes in cinema?
    Steve Neal
  30. Criticisms of stereotyping in cinema
    Overly involves character analysis not formal analysis and it doesn't illuminate racism as a practice, just points out specific examples
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