lifespan final

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  1. adults ____ on their romantic partners to be a secure base to which they can return and obtain comfort and security in stressful times
  2. young adults who were securely attached in their romantic relationships were more likely to describe their early relationship with their parents as
    securely attached
  3. the majority of adults (60-80 percent) describe themselves as
    securely attached. not surprisingly adults prefer to have a securely attached partner
  4. ____ attached adults hare more satisfied with their close relationships than ____ attached adults.
    securely; insecurely
  5. securely attached adults are more likely than insecurely adults to provide _____ when they are distressed and more likely to give support when their partner is ____
    support; distressed
  6. ____ categories are somewhat stable in adulthood but adults do have the capacity to change their attachment thinking and behavior
  7. an explanation of why individuals are attracted to people who are similar to them. our own attitudes and behavior are supported and validated when someone else's attitudes and behavior are similar to our own
    consensual validation
  8. self disclosure and the sharing of private thoughts are hallmarks of
  9. Erikson describes intimacy as ____ oneself while losing oneself in another person, and it requires a ______ to another person.
    losing; commitment
  10. According to Erikson if a person ____ to develop an intimate relationship in early adulthood, ____ occurs
    fails; isolation
  11. __ % of U.S adults have known their best friend for at least ___ years
  12. ____ have more close friends and their friendships involve more ___-____ and exchange of ______ support
    women, self-disclosure; mutual
  13. women are more likely to listen at lenght to what a friend has to say and be _____
  14. when female friends get together, they like to talk, but male friends are more likely to engage in _____
  15. adult male patterns of friendship often involves keeping ______ while _____ useful information
    distance; sharing
  16. ____ has increase for all socioeconomic groups
  17. -youthful marriage
    -low education level
    -low income
    -not having a religious affiliation
    -having parents who are divorced
    -having a baby before marriage
    factors that are associated with divorce
  18. -alcoholism 
    -psychological problems
    -domestic problems
    -inadequate division of household labor
    individual characteristics that increase the likelihood of divorce
  19. if a divorce is going to occur, it usually takes place early in a relationship. most happen between
    5 and 10 years of marriage
  20. adults who remarry usually do so rather ____ with approximately ___% remarrying within ____ years after their divorce
    quickly; 50; 3
  21. ___ tend to remarry sooner than ____
    men; women
  22. remarriage occurs sooner for partners who _____ a divorce
  23. remarried families are more likely to be _____ than first marriages with ____ more likely to occur
    unstable; divorce
  24. remarried adults married relationship tends to be more _____
  25. about ____ % of remarried women bear children to their new union
  26. many people remarry not for love but for _____ reasons, help in _____ children, and to ___ loneliness
    financial, raising, reduce
  27. most parents learn parenting practices from their ___
  28. in 2005 the average age at which women gave birth for the first time was at
    25.2 years
  29. the number of ___ child families is ____
    one; increasing
  30. the more that women have an interest in developing a career, they are not only ____ later, but also having ____ children and having them ____ in life
    marrying, fewer, later
  31. -more likely to have physical energy
    -less likely to have medical problems with pregnancy and childbirth
    -less likely to build expectations for their children
    young parents
  32. -parents will have more time to consider their goals in life, such as what they want from their family and career roles
    -parents will be better established in their careers and have more income for child-rearing expenses
    having children later
  33. 7 main principals that determine whether a marriage will work
    • -establish love maps
    • -nurture fondness and admiration
    • -turn toward each other instead of away
    • -let your partner influence you
    • -solve solvable conflicts
    • -overcome gridlock
    • -create shared meaning
  34. personal insights and detailed maps of each other's life and world. used to express understanding of each other, fondness, and admiration
    establishing love maps
  35. praising each partner
    nurture fondness and admiration
  36. spouses are adept at turning toward each other regularly. they see each other as friends. it prevents differences from overwhelming a relationship
    turn toward each other rather than away
  37. a willingness to share power and to respect the other persons view
    let your partner influence you
  38. resolving conflicts that can be worked out
    solving solvable conflicts
  39. being able to talk about differences in preference. for example if one person wants to go to church and the other person is atheist.
    overcoming gridlock
  40. sharing goals with one's spouse and working together to achieve each other's goals
    create shared meaning
  41. _____ especially becomes important when a couple is not happily married and can help them get through hard times
  42. -having realistic expectations
    -developing new positive relationships within the family
    strategies for remarried couples
  43. lack of communication is high on ____'s lists of reason for divorce. it is much less often mentioned by ___
    womens; men
  44. communication problems between men and women come in part from ____ in their preferred ways of _____
    differences; communicating
  45. the language of conversation, it is a way of establishing connection and negotiating relationships
    rapport talk
  46. talk that is designed to give information, which includes public speaking
    report talk
  47. women enjoy ___ talk more and men's lack of it bothers many women
  48. men hold center stage with report talk as a way to get and ____ attention
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