Mod civ: imperialism

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  1. imperialism
    domination by one country of politial, cultural, and economic life of another country
  2. protectorate
    local rulers were left in place but were expected to follow the advice of European advisors on issues such as trade and missionary activity
  3. shere of influence
    an area outside power claimed exclusive investment or trading privleges
  4. David Livingstone
    a famous missionary and explorer
  5. Samori Touré
    leader of West Africa resistance to colonial rule
  6. Usman dan Fodio
    helped set up a powerful Muslim state in Nigeria
  7. Shaka
    ruthless and brilliant leader of the Zulus
  8. genocide
    an attempt to destroy a political, racial, or cultural group
  9. pashas
    provincial rulers in the Ottoman empire
  10. Muhammad Ali
    often called the father of modern egypt
  11. concession
    colonies were often forced to grant a _____, or special ecoomic right to a ruling power
  12. Mahdi
    a leader in Sudan announced he was the ____, the long-awaited savior of the
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