History 7 chapter 10

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  1. In what year was Mohamed born?
  2. what is the name of the religious building visited by many Arabs?
  3. what sacred treasure does this buildings contain?
    black stone
  4. what did Mohammed call his god?
  5. why were Meccan businessmen alarmed by the new religion?
    They feared that Mohammed's vehement opposition to the old arabian religion of multiple gods, threatened Mecca as the Religous center of Arabia
  6. to what city did Mohammed flee?
  7. what did the city come to be called?
  8. what people had great discernment and therefore did not accept Mohammed's teaching
  9. what was the first city that Mohammed conquered
  10. what is Koran?
    the holy books of Islam
  11. Name five biblical figures that ten Koran names as prophets?
    Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus
  12. what is the main difference between Christianity and Islam?
    well, Christianity goes to the church, but Ilsam has lots of religion
  13. were did the first defeat take place?
    battle of Tours
  14. what vital defeat in 732 ended the Muslims march into Europe?
    battle of towers
  15. why was the defeat so important?
    battle of tours checked Muslim advance int western Europe
  16. what were Europe's "holy wars" called?
  17. what fierce tribe took much of the middle east from the Arabs in the 11th century?
    Sejuk Turks
  18. what battle completed their conquest of Asia minor?
    battle of Mazikert
  19. who proclaimed the beginning of the crusades?
    Uraban II
  20. In which crusade did Europeans reconquer Asia Minor and capture Jerusalem?
    the first crusade
  21. what did the second crusade accomplish?
  22. what is another name for the third crusade?
    crusade of Kings
  23. was the third crusade successful?
    it accomplished very little
  24. why was the fourth crusade rediculus?
    because they attached and robbed the city of Constantinople
  25. what event marked the end of the eastern roman empire?
    Ottoman Turks
  26. when was the Ottoman Turks?
  27. how did Islam and distorted Christianity check and balance eachother?
    because Christendom largely confined isalm to the Middle east and the farther reaches of Asian while Islam restricted christendom mainly to western Europe
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