Psychology Ch. 8

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  1. Algorithm
    a specific procedure to solving problems
  2. Heuristics
    rule of thumbs (shortcut)
  3. 5 problem solving methods
    • trial and error
    • difference reduction
    • means-end analysis
    • working backwards
    • analogies
  4. Incubation effect
    When you come to the answer after you stop working on it
  5. Mental set
    respond to new problems with old situation
  6. functional fixedness
    tendency to think an object is useful for only one purpose
  7. Creativity
    ability to think of new ways to solve problems
  8. Convergent thinking
    thoughts are limited to available facts
  9. Divergent thinking
    using multiple ways to solve a problem
  10. ABC's of problem-solving
    • assess the problem
    • brainstorm approaches to the problem
    • Choose the approach that seems to work
    • try the most likely approach
    • evaluate the results
  11. reasoning
    use of information to reach a conclusion
  12. premise
    idea that provides basic information that allows you to draw conclusions
  13. Confirmation bias
    only looking for information that supports your theory
  14. Framing effect
    ways in which wording effects the decision making
  15. Language
    communication of ideas through symbols
  16. 3 basic elements of language
    • phonemes (Sounds)
    • morphemes (meaning)
    • Syntax (grammar)
  17. Semantics
    study of the meaning of words
  18. over-regularization
    applying the rules of word even when they don't apply
  19. LAD (Language Acquisition Device)
    enables brain to understand and use grammar
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