Equine Teeth Problems

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  1. Why do horses need dental care?
    Because they are not in their natural environment
  2. Name some signs of teeth problems
    • Weird head carriage
    • low body condition
    • bad breath
  3. What are the most common problems with horse teeth?
    • Hooks
    • Points 
    • Ramps
  4. What is step mouth?
    One or more teeth have overgrown.  Prevents side to side and back and forth movement.
  5. What is Wave mouth?
    Horse teeth form a wave, circular motion is limited
  6. What is Shear Mouth?
    • Severe uneven wear of teeth. 
    • Angle is more than 15 degrees
  7. What is Parrot Mouth?
    • Upper incisors do not properly meet with lower incisors
    • Lower Jaw is shorter
    • over bite
  8. What is Monkey or Sow mouth?
    • Upper Jaw is shorter
    • Rare in horses 
    • Under bite
  9. What is Bishoping?
    Act of changing the appearance of equine teeth to make the horse look younger.
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