Misc. Yeast lab info

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  1. What is corn meal agar used for
    to encourage development of chlamydospores (hyphae)

    Place coverslip on agar and observe at 40x
  2. On cornmeal agar, which candida are pseuohyphae and blastoconidia positive?
    • C. krusei
    • C. parapsilosis
    • C. kefyr
    • C. tropicalis
  3. On cornmeal agar, which candida are blastoconidia ONLY
    • C. glabrata 
    • ~C. neoformans
  4. On cornmeal agar, which spp. has arthroconidia
    T. beigelii
  5. What are the typical steps in the workup to identify C. albicans or other possible yeast.
    • Start with:
    • Wet prep &
    • Germ tube - looking for filamentous outgrowth from blastoconidia

    • If germ tube negative: proceed with 
    • CMT (cornmeal agar test) & 
    • Biochemical tests
  6. Germ Tube Testing info
    Not valid after 2 hours

    Use serum or plasma or comercially made broths (which last longer)

    Over and under incolulation is the biggest problem.
  7. What is the principle of the germ tube
    When grown in serum or plasma at 35C, some yeast have the abiltiy to form hyphae. This is an important characteristic in the identification of C. albicans.
  8. What are the positive and negative controls for the germ tube
    • Pos = C. albicans
    • Neg = Cryptococcus spp.
  9. Special temp requirements for 

    Cryptococcus spp & 
    Candida spp
    Cryptococcus - weak growth at 35C and none at 42C

    Candida - Grow well at 45C
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