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  1. 10-foot user interface
    app sftware used on large screens to control output display menus & other clickable items in fonts large enough to read @ distance of 10 ft.
  2. A+ Certification
    • certificat'n awarded by CompTIA
    • measures a PC tech's knowledge & skills
  3. call tracking
    system tracks dates,times,& transact'ns of help-desk/on-insite PC support calls, including problem presented, issues addressed, who did what, & when & how ea. call was resolved
  4. chain of custody
    • documentation tracks evidence used in investigat'n includes:
    • exactly what, when, & from whom evidence collected,  condit'n of evidence, & how evidence was secured while in posses'n of  responsible party.
  5. copyright
    right to copy work that belongs to the creators of works/others to whom the creator transfers this right.
  6. escalate
    when tech passes customer's problem to higher organizat'l levels because he/she can't solve the problem.
  7. expert system
    sftware uses database of known facts & rules to simulate human expert's reasoning & decision-making processes.
  8. hardware-assisted virtualization (HAV)
    • feature of processor whereby it can provide enhanced support for hypervisor sftware to run virtual machines on a systm.
    • feature must be enabled in BIOS setup.
  9. Home Theater PC (HTPC)
    PC designed to play & possibly record music, photos, movies,  & video on  t.v. /extra-large monitor screen.
  10. HTPC case
    case used to accommodate  home theater PC & must be small enough to fit on shelf in an entertainmt cntr.
  11. hypervisor
  12. license
    permis'n for individual to use a product/service. manu's method maintaining ownership, while granting permis'n for use to others.
  13. site license
    licence allows company to install mult. copies of software/ allows mult employees to execute  software from file server
  14. software piracy
    act of making unauthorized copies of orig. sftware, which violates Federal Copyright Act of 1976.
  15. technical documentation
    • technical ref manuals, included w/sftware packages & hrdware, provide directions for install'n, usage, & troubleshooting
    • info extends beyond that given in user manuals.
  16. thick client
    reg desktop computer/laptop sometimes used as a client by a virtualization server
  17. thin client
    computer  has an OS but little computer power & might only need to support a browser used to communc8 w/virtualization server.
  18. ticket
    • entry in a call-tracking system made by whoever receives call for help & tracks & documt act'ns taken
    • ticket stays open until the issue is resolved.
  19. virtualization server
    computer serves up virtual machines to mult client computers & provides a virtual desktop for users on these client machines.
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