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  1. Ser
    To be
  2. Tener
    To have
  3. Hablar
    To talk
  4. Contestar
    To answer
  5. EnseƱar
    To teach
  6. Llegar
    To arrive
  7. Necesitar
    To need
  8. Sacar
    To get
  9. Tomar
    To take
  10. Usar
    To use
  11. Estar
    To be
  12. Ir
    To go
  13. Vender
    To sell
  14. Compartir
    To share
  15. Hacer
    To make/do
  16. Vivir
    To live
  17. Querer
    To want
  18. Llevar
    To wear
  19. Pagar
    To pay
  20. Cerrar
    To close
  21. Empezar
    To begin
  22. Entender
    To understand
  23. Pensar
    To think/plan
  24. Preferir
    To prefer
  25. Ver
    To see
  26. Poder
    To be able, can
  27. Dormir
    To sleep
  28. Encontrar
    To find
  29. Volver
    To return
  30. Servir
    To serve
  31. Almorzar
    To eat lunch
  32. Pedir
    To order
  33. Costar
    To cost
  34. Bajar
    To descend
  35. Subir
    To go up
  36. Bailar
    To dance
  37. Cantar
    To sing
  38. Celebrar
    To celebrate
  39. Dar
    To give
  40. Decorar
    To decorate
  41. Invitar a
    To invite
  42. Salir
    To leave, go out
  43. Venir
    To come
  44. Abrir
    To open
  45. Buscar
    To look for
  46. Envolver
    To wrap
  47. Recibir
    To receive
  48. Traer
    To bring
  49. Acabar de
    To have just...
  50. Ayudar
    To help
  51. Barrer
    To sweep
  52. Cocinar
    To cook
  53. Cortar
    To cut (the grass)
  54. lavar
    to wash
  55. limpiar
    to clean
  56. pasar la aspiradora
    to vacuum
  57. planchar la ropa
    to iron
  58. ponder la Mesa
    to set the table
  59. sacar la basura
    to take out the trash
  60. decir
    to say, tell
  61. poner
    to put, place
  62. nadar
    to swim
  63. patinar
    to skate
  64. patinar en linea
    to in line skate
  65. ganar
    to win
  66. perder
    to lose
  67. jugar
    to play
  68. saber
    i know
  69. conocer
    to know
  70. comprender las reglas
    to understand the rules
  71. bucear
    to scuba dive
  72. caminar
    to walk
  73. levantar pesas
    to lift weights
  74. hacer esqui acuatico
    to water ski
  75. tomar el sol
    to sunbathe
  76. doler
    to hurt
  77. comenzar
    to begin
  78. terminar
    to end
  79. conectar
    to connect
  80. estar en linea
    to be online
  81. hacer clic en
    to click on
  82. mandar
    to send
  83. navegar
    to surf (the internet)
  84. quemar
    to burn (a CD)
  85. tomar fotos
    to take photos
  86. dejar
    to leave (something behind)
  87. llamar
    to call
  88. subir a
    to ride
  89. acostarse (ue)
    to go to bed
  90. afeitarse
    to shave one's self
  91. banarse
    to take a bath
  92. cepillarse
    to brush
  93. despertarse (ie)
    to wake up
  94. dormirse (ue)
    to fall asleep
  95. ducharse
    to take a shower
  96. lavarse
    to wash one's self
  97. levantarse
    to get up
  98. maquillarse
    to put on makeup
  99. peinarse
    to comb one's hair
  100. ponerse
    to put on, to get dressed
  101. secarse
    to dry one's self
  102. secarse el pelo
    to dry one's hair
  103. vestirse (i)
    to get dressed
  104. esperar
    to wait (for)
  105. hacer un viaje
    to take a trip
  106. quedarse en
    to stay in
  107. acampar
    to camp
  108. comer al aire libre
    to picnic, to eat outside
  109. dar
    to give
  110. dar una caminata
    to hike
  111. montar a caballo
    to ride a horse
  112. regatear
    to bargain
  113. casarse
    to get married (to)
  114. contar
    to tell (a story)
  115. llevar
    to take; to carry
  116. llorar
    to cry
  117. morir
    to die
  118. pelear
    to fight
  119. regresar
    to return
  120. transformar
    to transform
  121. estar enamorado (de)
    to be in love (with)
  122. tener celos
    to be jealous
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