Baby a entrees

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  1. Helen' Combo
    cup of soup, puffy taco, rice and chicken enchilada and tomatillo sauce

    ask about meat in puffy (beef or chicken) and what kind of enchilada
  2. Jerry's burrito
    stuffed with rice and cheese, beef, queso

    topped with pico
  3. baby a's soup
    chicken, avocado, jack cheese , chipotle, tortilla strips

    served with rice, cilantro, onions, lime and corn tortilla
  4. baby a soup combo
    half of soup with choice of a puffy taco, crispy taco or a lettuce/tomato salad
  5. fish tacos
    fried or grilled tilapia with corn or flour tortillas,

    topped with red cabbage, avocado, tomato, cilantro, Monterey jack.

    black beans and rice, mango pico and habanero sauce
  6. yaya pork pastor
    pork cooked with pineapple, onions, cilantro

    served with charro beans and rice, corn or flour tortilla, and avocado sauce
  7. Geraldo's tacos
    2 flour tortillas filled with tenderloin, onions, bellpeppers and mushrooms

    served with charro beans and guacamole salad
  8. carne guisada
    beef tips, gravy, rice, refried beans, guacamole salad and flour tortillas
  9. baby changa
    fried flour tortilla filled with rice and cheese choice of chicken fajita or carne guisada

    • topped with tomatillo and avocado sauce.
    • with refried and rice
  10. chipotle chicken
    8 oz chicken topped with chipotle sauce , Monterey jack and avocados.

    served with lettuce tomato salad and charro beans
  11. chicken breast gratinada
    8oz chicken tpped with bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and Monterey jack

    charro beans and guac salad
  12. baby a platter
    beef fajita, carne guisada, beef enchilada, chalupa, beef crispy taco.

    refried, rice, guacamole and flour tortillas
  13. baby a's deluxe
    beef enchilada, tamale, chicken flauta, beef crispy taco, chalupa nacho chip topped with queso

    served with refried, rice and guac
  14. chile relleno
    poblano pepper stuffed with ground beef, chicken or cheese. 

    topped with relleno sauce, sour cream and monterey jack.  refried and rice
  15. sarita's combo
    beef enchilada and beef crispy taco

    choice of guacamole salad or rice and beans
  16. flaca platter
    fried flour tortilla filled with shredded chicken and jack cheese.

    • topped with flaca sauce, jack and American and sour cream
    • black beans, rice, lettuce and guacamole
  17. crispy taco
    3 crispy beef or chicken.

    served with rice or refried
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