W/C AT Plan

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  1. What is the NASSIG Anti-Terroism Instructions
    NASSIGINST 3300.1C
  2. What is the Purpose of a Pre Planned Response
    To Outline responses to high priority terrorist incidents.
  3. What is the procedures for unauthorized Vehiceles or pedestrians on base
    Felony Stop
  4. Inital perimeter if an IED is Discovered   at an ECP
    100 ft
  5. What are some different terrorist Surveillance techniques
    • OVERT
    • COVERT
  6. What are the three Factors in determining a Risk Assessment
    • Threat - Most likely to attack
    • Criticality - Importance of Target
    • Vulnerability - How Easy it would be to attack
  7. What is a Blue Dart Message
    A Time sensitive message to warn units and installation commanders of a credible report of an imminent terrorist attack against their unit or installation.
  8. How many types of notifications are required for a Blue Dart Message
    • Two
    • 1st- a computer generated message will be generated by the Multiple Alert Threat Center
    • 2nd- a voice message will be sent via a secured SIPR line. CDO will be notified of the receipt of the message.
  9. What does the Curtailment Plan entail
    It outlines how many posts must be implemented in the differnet FPCON levels, how many personnel are required to man the posts and what they are required to be armed with.
  10. What is the Intial response when going into charlie
    All post will Don flak and kevlar with an over watch at each gate

    All units will have an "A" with long arm

    Add additonal units 2, 6, 4A, 8A,

    Contact Supply for Tables and supplies

    Conduct 100% baggage checks

    Intiate Recall

    once additional bodies arrive start implementing rovers.
  11. What is the Intial Response when Going into Charlie
    All gates will shut down.

    Open annex gate for emergancy Vehicles only

    100% vehicle inpections

    • additonal steps
    • Implement the barrier plan for delta

    Implement the Centralized parking plan

    Implement the Shuttle bus plan
  12. How many Bodies are need to man NAS I during FPCON Charlie
  13. How many bodies are need to man NAS I during FPCON Delta
  14. How Many Bodies are needed to man Marinai during FPCON Charlie
  15. How Many Bodies are needed to man Marinai during FPCON Delta
  16. How many bodies are needed to man NAS II During FPCON Charlie
  17. How many bodies are needed to man NAS II During FPCON Delta
  18. How Many Bodies are need to man FPCON Charlie total
    70 bodies to man up totally
  19. How Many Bodies are Needed to man FPCON Delta Total
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