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  1. What are the 4 layers of the GI tract?
    • Mucosa
    • Submucosa
    • Muscularis
    • Serosa
  2. Which layer controls secretory cells and smooth muscles of the mucosal epitheliam?
  3. Which layer contains glands and lymphatic tissue?
  4. What is the job of the muscularis?
    mixes and propels substances
  5. What is controlled by the myenteriuc plexus?
  6. what is peristalsis?
    wave like contraction of muscles to move food
  7. what is the retroperitoneal region?
    anything in the abdomen
  8. What is the supberitoneal region?
    anything in the pelvic cavity
  9. what are the 4 types of teeth?
    • incisors
    • canines
    • premolars
    • molars
  10. What do incisors do?
  11. What do canines do?
    tearing and grasping
  12. What do premolars and molars do?
  13. where can you find stratified squamous E.T. in the gi tract?
    esophogus and rectum
  14. what forms the lower esophageal sphincter?
  15. what does the esophagus have instead of serosa?
  16. does the stomach have oblique muscles in the muscularis?
  17. what else does the liver do besides filter blood?
    secretes bile to aid in absorption of lipids bye the small intestine
  18. what p roduces and secretes bile?
  19. What 2 types of glands do the pancreas contain?
    exocrine and endocrine glands
  20. what secretes pancreatic juice?
    Pancreatic acini
  21. what do the pancreatic duct and the common bile duct form as they enter the duodenum?
    hepatopancreatic ampulla
  22. what is the shortest region of the small intestine?
  23. what is the primary site of chemical digestion and absorption?
  24. what is the longest region of the small intestin?
  25. what do the intestinal glands secrete?
    digestive enzymes
  26. what do the brunner's gland secrete?
    alkaline mucus
  27. what is segmentation?
    localized mixing of chyme in small intestine
  28. what is haustral?
    churning, pouch to pouch movement in large intestine
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