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  1. What are these structures also refered to as: epididymis, ductus deferens, ejaculatory ducts, urethra
  2. what are the accessory sex glands?
    • seminal vesicles,
    • prostate,
    • bulbourethral gland
  3. What are the suppporting structures?
    • scrotum
    • penis
  4. what do the testes do?
    • produce sperm
    • hormone testosterone
  5. what do ducts do?
    transport, store and assist in sperm maturation
  6. What do the accessory sex glands do?
    secrete most of liquid portion of semen
  7. What are the 2 triangles called that form the perineum?
    • Anterior urogenital triangle
    • Posterior Anal Triangle
  8. What is the dartos of the scrotum?
    • subcutaneous smooth msucles
    • tightens scrotum, reducing heat loss
  9. What is the cremaster muscle of the scrotum?
    • extensions of internal abdominal oblique muscles
    • brings testes closer to the body for heat absorption
  10. what is in the spermatic cord?
    • ductus deferens
    • testicular artery and nerve
    • pampiniform p lexus
    • lymphatic vessels
    • cremaster muscles
  11. what is the tunica albuginea?
    • white fibrous capsule
    • internally divides testes into hundreds of lobules
  12. Whhat is a seminiferous tubules?
    • spermatogonia
    • sustentacular cells
  13. what do sustentacular cells?
    • source of nourishment to sperm
    • tight junctions form blood-tests barrier
  14. What are interstitial cells?
    • secrete testosterone
    • stimulates development of male secondary sexual characteristics
  15. what does the epididymis do?
    • stores sperm
    • site of sperm maturation
  16. What are the parts of epididymis?
    • head
    • body
    • tail
  17. what is the process of sperm development?
    • spermatogonium
    • primary spematocyte
    • secondary spermatocyte
    • spermatid
  18. What is spermiogenisis?
    • Final stage of spermatogenisis
    • occurs in testes
  19. What does spermatid mature into?
  20. what are the 3 layers of the ductus/vas deferens?
    • mucosa (psudostratified ciliated columnar)
    • muscularis
    • adventitia
  21. what does the seminal vesicles secrete?
    • alkaline
    • fructose
    • enhances motility
    • helps semen coagulate
  22. what do the prostate glands secrete?
    • slightly milky fluid
    • rich in citric acid
    • seminal plasmin - anti biotic
    • proteolytic enzymes
  23. What do the bulbourethral glands secrete?
    • neutralizes acidic urine in urethra
    • lubrication for urethra and tip of penis.
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