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  1. 7 types of intimacy
    • -emotional
    • -sexual
    • -physical
    • -intellectual
    • -recreational
    • -aesthetic
    • -spiritual
  2. this intimacy involves friendships and self disclosure
    emotional intimacy
  3. this intimacy is good for staying monogamous
    sexual intimacy
  4. this intimacy is good for building, repairing, creating somthangs
    physical intimacy
  5. a couple is doing well if they can get ____ of Dr. Harriet Lerners 7 intimacies
    3 or 4
  6. this type of intimacy is connecting in terms of debating about things, academic, political and anything intellectually stimulating
    intellectual intimacy
  7. this intimacy is fun or recreational. physical activity + free time activities
    recreational intimacy
  8. this intimacy is enjoying beauty together
    aesthetic intimacy
  9. couple that dont give each other all intimacies are fine if they can be ____ by other ______
    stimulated; outlets (dildos)
  10. Gottmans 4 horseman of divorce
    • -criticism
    • -contempt¬†
    • -defensiveness
    • -stonewalling
  11. 4 horsies
    -complaint is about specific action
    -is global and attacking persons character
  12. 4 horsies
    -conveys feelings of disgust
    -eye rolling
    -hostile humor
  13. 4 horsies
    -not taking responsibility
  14. 4 horsies
    -shutting out and ignoring the other individual
    -silent treatment
  15. -age 40-65
    -decline in physical skills
    -increase in responsibility (work & family)
    -time of changes (losing parents, children leaving, retirement)
    middle adulthood
  16. -decline in vision
    -increase in blood pressure and cholesterol
    -increase risk of heart disease
    -increase in joint problems
    -increase in metabolic disorder (hypertension, obesity, insulin resistance)
    -decrease in height and increase in weight
    physical changes in middle adulthood
  17. which personality type is this
    -emotionally intense
    -easily angered
    hank. i mean type A
  18. which personality type is this
    -easy going
    -slow to anger
    saul. i mean type B
  19. type A personalities have ___ tomes as many heart attacks then type B
    2 TIMES (gimme some). anger the part that predisposes heart problems
  20. -internal locus of control
    -"what can i do to improve the situation"
    -see problems as challenges
    -great sense of commitment to selves, family and responsibilities
    -control what they can control
  21. people who display _____ have lower levels of illness and lower levels of stress
  22. main causes of death in middle age (YOU KNOW THIS)
    • -heart disease
    • -cancer
    • -stroke
    • -accidents
    • -pulmonary disease
  23. majority of men and women in middle age report having butt sex a ____ times a month
  24. average age for menopause
  25. the 10 years leading up to menopause
    pre menopause
  26. -depressed mood
    symptoms of premenopause
  27. most common symptoms of menopause
    • rapid heart beats
    • hot flashes
    • nausea
    • fatigue
  28. -replaces estrogen and progesterone
    -treats symptoms of menopause
    -increases likelihood of stroke, dementia, and cancer
    -long term use is no bueno
    hormone replacement therapy
  29. analyses which hormones should be regulated after menopause
    bioidentical hormone therapy
  30. ED is most diagnose in men around the age of
  31. ____ of erectile dysfunction is caused by _____ deficiency
    70%; physiological
  32. viagra acts as a ______
  33. intelligence in middle age is increased in _____ intelligence and decreased in ____ intelligence
    crystalized; fluid
  34. accumulated knowledge and facts + verbal skills
    crystalized intelligence
  35. abstract reasoning
    fluid intelligence
  36. according to the seattle longitudinal studies there are 4 types of intelligence that increase in life
    • -vocab
    • -verbal memory
    • -spatial orientation
    • -inductive reasoning
  37. vocab and verbal memory are considered which type of intelligence
  38. spatial orientation and inductive reasoning are considered
    fluid forms of intelligence
  39. two areas of intelligence that decrease in mid life
    numerical ability and perceptual speed
  40. cognitive performance in middle adulthood is ____ to cognitive impairment in late adulthood
    related. there are declines in immediate recall, delayed recall, word fluency and all that jazzy j
  41. more than ___ % of middle aged adults say they are religious and that spirituality are a major part of their lives
  42. females report ____ levels of religiousity than males
    higher. and it increases more than males in second half of life
  43. eriksons generativity vs stagnation is present at middle age
    • -helping younger generation
    • -leaving legacy
    • -taking cur of children
    • -if lack of helping next generation
    • ¬† -stagnation!
  44. midlife is a time of crisis between being young and being old. between past and future
    some shit according to levenson
  45. -examined men in 30's and 40's
    -saw midlife not as time of crisis but as time of reassessing and recording truth about earlier years
    -research doesnt support midlife crisis
    -middle aged adults experience more personal control autonomy and power
    vallants middle age study. MID LIFE CRISIS IS BUNK
  46. in this stage of life
    -romantic love is stronger in
    early adulthood
  47. love and marriage in midlife
    -companionate love is stronger in
    middle adulthood
  48. -characterized by security, loyalty, mutual emotional interests
    -engagement in mutual activities
    companionate love
  49. characteristics in first marriages
    -relationships are cold
    -suppression of emotion
    middle aged couples who divorce
  50. not happily married but stay together because of the kids. which age range are these folks
  51. -abuse, verbal/physical/emotional
    -alcohol or drug abuse
    main reasons of divorce for women
  52. -falling out of lose
    -different values and lifestyles
    mens usual reasons for divorce
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