12/3 lifespan

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  1. _____ cant be definitively diagnosed until post mortem
  2. -beta amyloid plaques (protein)
    -neurofibrillary tangles (dead cytoskelletons of neurons)
    -acetycholine neurons dying at a rapid rate
    anatomical markers for alzheimers
  3. genetics play a significant role in ____ ____ alzheimers
    pre senile (pre-65)
  4. chromosome 14, 1, 21
    chromosome pairs involved in genetic alzheimers
  5. chromosome 21 is related to production and maintenance of ____ _____ protein
    beta amyloid
  6. chromosome 19 is related to _____ carrying protein
    apolyprotein; cholesterol
  7. apolyprotein plays a role in as many as ___ of alzheimers cases
  8. related to alzheimers
    -protein that constructs and stabilizes mictotubules in neurons
    -is destroyed in alzheimers
  9. -agonist for acetylcholine 
    -does not cure but slows progression in middle and early stages
    aricept, which is a medication for alzheimers
  10. because of the inflammation in an alzheimers brain, one should have deese
    antioxidants which reduce inflammation and omega 3 fish oils
  11. -exercise
    -stimulating brain activity
    -increase in cardiovascular disease is correlated with increase in alzheimers
    -increase in alcohol intake increases risk
    lifestyle (preventatives) for alz
  12. -second most common dementia
    -series of mini strokes that are acute and abrupt
    vascular dementia
  13. -exercise
    -improved diet
    -correlation between cholesterol and increase in triglycerides SO TAKE CARE OF IT FOO
    • treatment for vascular dementia.
    • -if no treatment is received, 30-35% of individual will have a major stroke in less than 5 years
  14. -slowing of movement, muscle tremors, partial facial paralysis
    -progressive paralysis
    -dopamine is the primary neurotransmitter being damaged
  15. -dopamine agonists only for for 5-10 years
    -side effects of this can become uncontrollable
    -tardive dyskinesia is a major side effect
    treatment for parkinsons
  16. uncontrollable jerking movements that can be just as severe as parkinsons
    tardive dyskinesia
  17. -cortical death
    -usually talking about cerebral cortex
    -brain stem can still operate
    modern take on death
  18. -mercy killing
    -painlessly putting people to death because of an incurable disease or a severe disability
  19. -denial and isolation
    5 stages of dying (may not be experience by all)
  20. people that are dying are frequently ___
  21. _____ a dying person to talk about their ailment
  22. dont be afraid to ____ and be ____ with someone. human connection is important
    touch and be intimate
  23. sit at ____ with someone who is dying
  24. allow people who are dying to keep their ____ mechanisms intact
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