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  1. Sudden, on rolling over on to the affected side or tilting the head up; Brief, a few seconds to minutes; Persists a few weeks, may recur
    Benign positional vertigo
  2. Sudden; Hours to days, up to 2 weeks; May recur over 12–18 months
    Vestibular neuronitis
  3. Sudden; Several hours to a day or more; Recurrent
    Meniere's disease
  4. Insidious or acute; May or may not be reversible; Partial adaptation occurs
    Drug toxicity
  5. Insidious; variable duration and onset
    Tumor pressing on the 8th nerve
  6. Sensorineural hearing loss that improves and recurs, eventually progresses; one or both sides
    Meniere's disease
  7. Hearing may be impaired, both sides
    Drug toxicity
  8. Hearing Impaired, one side
    Tumor, pressing on the 8th nerve
  9. Present, fluctuating tinnitus
    Meniere's disease
  10. Tinnitus May be present
    Drug toxicity
  11. Tinnitus present
    Tumor, pressing on the 8th nerve
  12. Associated with Nausea, vomiting, pressure or fullness in the affected ear
    Meniere's disease
  13. Associated with Those of pressure on Cranial Nerves V, VI, and VII
    Tumor, pressing on the 8th nerve

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