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  1. nitrogenous base in isomeric form is called
  2. planar molecules that insert themselves between DNA bases
    Intercalating agents
  3. Replica Plating
    screens for auxotrophic mutants- distinguishes between mutants and wil-type strain based on ability to grow in absence of certain nutrients
  4. Ames Test
    tests a chemical for mutagenicity (& therefore possible carcinogenicity) by looking at reversion
  5. alleles
    alternate forms (versions) of a gene
  6. recombinant
    new chromosome formed by combining genetic material from 2 organisms
  7. transposons
    a.k.a "jumping genes" that can move and integrate into different sites in the chromosome
  8. transcription
    make RNA copy from DNA
  9. translation
    pieces of free nucleotides are taken up
  10. transformation
    P-GLO lab...mode of gene transfer- the uptake of free DNA by a cell
  11. transduction
    gene transfer with bacteriophages
  12. purpose of PCR (polymerase chain reaction)
    amplify DNA
  13. 4 things needed to do PCR
    1. tempate DNA 2. taq polymerase 3. nucleotides 4. RNA primer
  14. colilert lab
    Positive when yellow. If fluoresces uner UV light is positive for E.coli
  15. electrophoresis lab
    paternity is determined by a match with child that differs from the mother
  16. Elisa test
    detect antigens/antibodies
  17. plaque assay
    determine the concentration of viral particles in a sample
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Microbial genetics: Mechanisms of Genetic Variation
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