4. Phrasal nouns and adjectives

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  1. An escape from prison by a group
    • Breakout
    • Break out of sg
  2. 1. An escape or quick departure, especially from the scene of a crime.
    2. a short holiday
    • getaway - lelép
    • get away - elszökik
  3. an act of admitting that you were wrong
    • climbdown - visszakozik
    • climb down - elismeri h nincs igaza
  4. a course of action taken to hide a mistake or illegal activity from the public
    • cover-up - leplez
    • cover sg up - eltussol
  5. an act of taking sg in, especially breath, food, etc.
    • intake
    • take sg in
  6. a legal statement made by a judge, magistrate, or lawyer which gives a summary of the evidence in a court
    • summing-up
    • sum up
  7. a sudden start of violence, war, disease, etc.
    • outbreak
    • break out
  8. extra help or support you can get if necessary
    • backup - pártfogol
    • back sb/sg up - mellette áll
  9. someone who is walking past sg by chance, especially when sg unexpected happens
    • passer-by
    • pass by sb/sg
  10. someone who watches what is happening, e.g. an accident, without taking part
    • bystander
    • stand by
    • onlooker
    • look on
  11. (of good) produced cheaply and intended to be ... after use
    • throwaway
    • throw sg away
  12. (of a group, organization, or part of a country) having separated from a larger group or part
    • breakaway
    • break away from sb/sg
  13. A ... competition is one in which players or team continue competing until there is only one wineer left.
    • knockout
    • knock sb out (of sg)
  14. if sb or sg is ... they are strange or unpleasant, in a way that prevents you from liking them
    • off-putting
    • put sb off
  15. continuing to exist or develop
    • ongoing
    • go on
  16. saying what you think, even when it upsets people
    • outspoken
    • speak out (against sg)
  17. a plan, statement etc. is weaker and less powerful that it was originally
    • watered down
    • water sg down
  18. 1. (of a person) very tired because they have been working hard.
    2. (of a thing) too old or damaged to be used
    • worn out
    • wear sb/sg out
  19. remaining after you have finished or used what you want or need
    • leftover
    • be left over (from sg)
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