3. Introduction to phrasal verbs

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  1. Using up my money
    • Eating into - apránként elfogy
    • felemészt
  2. eat at home this evening
    eat in - otthon eszik
  3. add the idea of eating all of something
    • eat up - kimerít, elhasznál
    • mindent elfogyaszt
  4. rise
    come up - felmerül
  5. destroy it by tearing it to pieces
    • tear sg up - összetép
    • széttép
  6. start to dislike sb.
    take against sb.
  7. .
    show sg. around
  8. land
    put down - landol
  9. 1. write sg, especially a name or number, on a piece of paper or list
    2. (usually passive) kill an old or sick animal with a drug
    • put sg down - lejegyez
    • elaltat (állatot)
  10. criticize yourself or sb else in front of other people
    put yourself/sb down - lenyom, megaláz
  11. write sb's name on a list so that they can take part in sg.
    put sb/sb's name down for sg -
  12. believe sg is caused by sg
    put sg down to sg - gondol vminek, elkönyvel vminek
  13. encourage or persuade sb to do sg wrong or stupid
    put sb up to sg - rászed, visszaél
  14. persuade sb to do / not to do sg
    put up to sg(doing sg) - rábeszél vkit vmire
  15. trust sb to do sg
    count on sb to do sg - számít vkire vmire
  16. find the answer to sg
    work out +wh clause - kidolgoz, megold
  17. megfigyel vmit
    watch out for sg.
  18. kiemelkedik vmiből
    stand out against
  19. elenged, kienged
    let (both of them) off
  20. ráront vkire, közbevág
    burst in on sb
  21. számon kér
    hold it against sg/sb
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