2. Idiom and metaphor

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  1. The person is in control of a situation
    Be in the driving seat - irányító helyzetben van
  2. 1. wait to be able to see more clearly.
    2. wait for an unsettled situation to become calm.
    • wait for the dust to settle - vár amíg a elül a por
    • (leülepszik)
  3. 1. on the right road, path, or track
    2. acting in a way that will bring a desired result
    • on the right/wrong track - jó/rossz úton jár
    • helyes/helytelen nyomra vezet
  4. having serious problems and likely to fail
    on the ropes - hajszálon függ ?
  5. in a difficult situation
    • in a tight corner - kutyaszorítóban van
    • in a tight spot - szorult helyzetben van
  6. keeps her plans or ideas secret
    plays her cards close to her chest - takargatja a lapjait
  7. has a plan or idea he will keep secret until needed
    he's got sg up to his sleeve - ruhaujjba rejt
  8. make use of an opportunity immediately because now is the best time to do it
    strike while the iron is hot - addig üsd a vasat, amíg meleg
  9. be sensitive about or feel offended by sg, as a result of sg that happened in your past
    • have a chip on your shoulder - sértődékeny
    • kihívóan viselkedik
  10. think in a similar way
    be on the same wavelenght - azonos hullámhosszon van
  11. force yourself to so sg unpleasant or difficult that you have been avoinding
    bite the bullet
  12. be in a position of control or responsibility
    be in the saddle - nyeregben van
  13. learn how to do a particular job
    learn the ropes - beletanul valamibe
  14. go away quickly from an unpleasant place or situation
    beat a hasty retreat - gyors visszavonulót fúj
  15. make sb less confident by saying or doing sg unexpected
    take the wind out of sb's sail - kifogni a szelet vki vitorlájából
  16. control sg/sb carefully or strictly
    • keep a tight rein on sg/sb - szigorúan kezel 
    • nem enged szabadjára vkit
  17. become confused by what sb is saying because you think they are talking about sg else
    get your wires crossed - keresztbe tesz?
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