1. Understand idioms

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  1. Not yet free from difficulties or problems
    Not out of the woods - nincs túl a veszélyen - kiút

    The situation is improving, but we're not out of the woods yet.
  2. Deliberately become less actively involved in sg, and stop trying to control things.
    take a back seat - a háttérbe húzódik

    I'll probably take a back seat and let Marco do most of the work.
  3. Used to tell sb that you suddenly felt sad or worried about sg.
    my heart sank - elszorult a szivem

    My heart sank when I saw the hotel room they'd given us.
  4. Used to say that sg true despite what you have just said.
    Having said that - a beszéd ellenére

     an expensive restaurant. Having said that, the food is very good.
  5. Used to say that sg happened very quickly and unexpectedly.
    The next thing I knew - a következő amit észleltem

    ... and
     then the next thing I knew, the cat had jumped out of the window...
  6. Used to say you are not surprised that sg is true.
    I thought as much - ezt sejtettem/gondoltam is

    Pete and Sue have split up. Mmm. I thought as much.
  7. Very likely/happy
    More than likely/happy - több mint valószínű

    Will they lose? More than likely.
  8. Find it very difficult to do sg
    Be hard pressed/pushed - sarkában vannak, szorult helyzetben van

    I'd be hard pressed to name all the countries in Europe.
  9. Used to say that sb is in a bad mood.
    Get out of bed on the wrong side - ball lábbal kelt fel

    I think Ann got out of bed on the wrong side this morning.
  10. Sg that makes you upset, angry, or embarrassed when sb mentions it.
    • A sore point - fájó pont
    • Touch a sore point - elevenére tapint

    Yes, I think it's a bit of a sore point because she got a very low mark for it.
  11. Accidentally say sg that embarrasses, upsets, or annoys sb.
    Put your foot in it - beletenyerel

    Oh dear. I put my foot in it, then.
  12. Not do any work at all.
    Not do a stroke of work - nem mér (nagy) csapást a munkára
  13. Used to say that you think sb deserves sg unpleasant that happens to them.
    • It serves sb right (for doing sg) - úgy kellett,  
    •                                                           Megérdemelte
  14. Feel that a failure is your fault, or feel offended by sg/sb.
    Take it/sg personally - vedd magadra

    She didn't do a stroke of work, so don't take it personally. She'll just have to work harder next time.
  15. Used to say sb get on well with sg
    Landed on his feet - jól járt vmivel

    He landed on his feet with that job art the bank.
  16. Used to say if sb shouldn't give up sg.
    Hang (on) in there! - kitartás

    It won't be easy; you have just got to hang on in there.
  17. Used for saying that you think you have remembered sg correctly.
    If my memory serves me correctly/well/right - ha nem csal az emlékezetem
  18. Trying to have all the possessions and social achievements that your friends and neighbours have.
    Keeping up with the Joneses - lépést tartva Jones-ékkal
  19. The last in a series of bad events, that makes it impossible for you to accept a situation any longer.
    • The last straw, the final straw - az utolsó szalmaszál
    • the straw that breaks the camel's back
  20. Be completely certain or confident (that)
    Rest assured (that) - biztos/nyugodt lehetsz afelől, hogy

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