week 1

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  1. hit upon
    suddenly discover/come up with st
  2. mull over
    think carefully
  3. puzzle out
    solve st by thinking for long
  4. think up
    an excuse/ invent/ imagine st
  5. read up
    + on/ about

    (get info by reading)
  6. go to your head
    • success goes to your head
    • (atsm)
  7. have your wits
    + about you

    (quick and sensible decision)
  8. dark
    be in the dark about st
  9. know
    • know what's what
    • (know the important facts)
  10. leg
    • not have a leg to stand on
    • unable to prove u r right
  11. not see the wood for the trees
    not know the important thing but small details
  12. quick/slow
    on the uptake

    (nhanh/cham hieu)
  13. hairs
    • split hairs
    • argue or worry abt small things
  14. stock
    • take stock of
    • spend time thinking
  15. brick wall
    • i've come up a brick wall
    • st is blocking me from doing st i want
  16. foot
    • i put my foot in it
    • said st tactless, embarassing
  17. dire
    • i'm in dire straits
    • in difficult and dangerous situation
  18. hole
    i've dug myself into a hole
  19. too thin
    i've spread myself too thin
  20. baby
    i've been left holding the baby
  21. barrel
    they've got me over a barrel
  22. block
    i've come up against a STUMBLING BLOCK
  23. straw
    i'm clutching at straws now

    (in difficult situation and will try anything)
  24. blank
    i've drawn a blank
  25. music
    • have to face the music
    • accept criticism
  26. fact life

    phan biet
    • taxes are a fact of life
    • cannot be changed

    the facts of life= the birds and the bees (sexual reproduction)
  27. easier
    easier said than done!
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