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  1. Mission Statement
    The Department’s mission is to provide safety, service, and security to the public as they utilize the highway transportation system and to assist local government during emergencies when requested. The Department has established the following values to accomplish its mission: respect for others, fairness, ethical practices, and equitable treatment for all
  2. 5 Departmental Goals
    • 1) Prevent Loss of Life, Injuries, and Property Damage
    • 2) Maximize Service to the Public and Assistance to Allied Agencies
    • 3) Manage Traffic and Emergency Incidents
    • 4) Protect Public and State Assets
    • 5) Improve Departmental Efficiency
  3. Ranking Structure
    • Commissioner
    • Deputy Commissioner
    • Assistant Commissioner
    • Chief
    • Assistant Chief
    • Captain
    • Lieutenant
    • Sergeant
    • Officer
  4. History of CHP
    • -Founded August 14. 1929
    • -1896 First automobile in California
    • -1902 First automobile fatality
    • -1905 First series of laws by California Legislature
    • -1915 California Vehicle Act of 1915
    • -1923 Appointment of State Inspectors and Traffic Officers
  5. CHP Geographical Jurisdiction/Organization
    • -158,693 square miles
    • -patrol all state freeways in 58 counties
    • -includes U.S. routes, interstate highways, and California State routes
    • -over 105,000 miles of highway
    • -traffic jurisdiction on all public streets and highways in unincorporated areas under state and county control
    • -8 geographical divisions
  6. Full Peace Officer Power:
    • Section 830.2 of the California Penal Code identifies the uniformed employees of the CHP as peace officers whose authority extends statewide. 
    • -Primary duty is the enforcement of any law relating to the use or operation of vehicles upon the highways, or laws pertaining to the provision of police services for the protection of state officers, state properties, and the occupants of state properties, or both, as set forth in the Vehicle Code and Government Code.
  7. Motto
    “CHP cadets do not lie, cheat or steal, nor do they tolerate those who do.”
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