LA2: Ruminant Parasites Part 2

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  1. The hornfly is a arthropod called:HI
    Haematobia irritans
  2. What symptoms does the horn fly cause?BM
    • bacterial infx
    • mastitis
  3. When the temperature is < 70F the flies land on horns and use their _ proboscis to suck blood.
    bayonet like
  4. The horn fly has caused what?
    the greatest economic loss of all biting insects
  5. The nasal bot fly is a arthropod of sheep called:OO
    Oestrus ovis
  6. What symptoms are involved with nasal bot flies?RS
    • resp myiasis
    • sinusitis
  7. The cattle grub is called: HL
    Hypoderma lineatum
  8. In cattle grubs the nits are layed on the fur where they migrate to the _ and form _.
    • back
    • warbles
  9. Foot and tail mite is aka the
    itchy leg mite
  10. What species is the foot and tail mite?
  11. What does the foot and tail might do to the skin?
    wrinkles and thickens it leaving a mange like appearance
  12. The most common mite in cattle is
    the foot and tail mite
  13. The foot and tail mite is found on the skin surface of cattle, sheep, goats, and horses. What specific sites?LFST
    • lower parts of hind legs
    • flanks
    • shoulders
    • tails
  14. Demodex causes what in cows?NA
    nodules abcesses
  15. Demodex in goats (D. caprae) causes what?
    smaller nodules
  16. Demodex in sheep (D. ovis0 is rare but causes crusting around:FNE
    feet nose ears
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