thera oncology terms

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  1. cure
    5 years w/o disease recurrence
  2. complete response (CR)
    no cancer, no new disease > 1 month after treatment
  3. partial response
    > 30% decrease in size or volume of tumor and no new disease for > 1 month
  4. overall response
    CR + PR (also referred to as response rate (RR)
  5. clinical benefit response
    decrease in pain, etc. but no change in cancer
  6. stable disease
    growth or decrease of < 25%
  7. progression (tx failure)
    20% growth or new lesions while receiving tx
  8. progression free survival (PFS)
    time the pt survives free of progression of their cancer
  9. disease free survival (DFS
    time the pt survives free of disease
  10. DLT
    dose limiting toxicity
  11. HD
    hodgkins disease
  12. NHL
    non hodgkins lymphoma
  13. SCLC
    small cell lung cancer
  14. BMT
    bone marrow transplant
  15. PSCT
    peripheral stem cell transplant
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