5. Module - NCE

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  1. Szünet

    Beak-time when students keep a recess.
  2. Kísérlet

    One guy got lost on his way to work the day after the experiment.
  3. Pihenő

    YOu can have a breather.
  4. Gyorstalpaló
    Crash course

    It could be a crash course.
  5. Szakképzés
    Vocational course

    An vocational course help you to do a specific job.
  6. Felsőoktatás
    Tertiary education

    More than two-third of students in tertiary education are women.
  7. Hiányszakma
    Skill shortage

    There are skills shortages in many areas, so older people are being encouraged to go back to college and do refresher courses.
  8. Előny az életben
    Head start in life

    To give your children a head start in life, sit them in front of the television.
  9. Átlagosan
    On average

    On average, the two- and three-year-olds who watched TV scored 10 per cent higher in reading, maths and vocabulary.
  10. Ered

    -children derive no benefits from watching tv designed for adults.
  11. Fel-
    Open up

    Television opens up the world to many young children and gives them a head start.
  12. Kitartó

    It gives them a head start, which is sustained in improved academic achievement throughout their school lives.
  13. Kitesz
    Alávet valaminek
    Subject to

    • Each was then subjected to mental agility - (fürgeség, gyorsaság)
    • and memory tests.
  14. Kiugrik

    He also suggested that the link between intelligence and working late may be a hang-over from prehistoric times.
  15. Törtető

    Pushy parents may be doing their children more harm than good.
  16. Felemészti az önbecsülést
    Eats away the self-esteem

    Worse still, the children recognise that they are disappointing their parents and this sense of failure eats away at their self-esteem.
  17. Egyre növekvő

    The warning comes as an ever-increasing range of educational material is being produced for the very young.
  18. Elterjedt

    In the USA 'hyper parenting' is rife.
  19. Leendő

    Expectant mothers are pressured into buying CDs Mozart for Mothers...
  20. Özöne valaminek

    By the age of one, enrolment in a plethora of classes, from languages to arithmetic, is de rigueur.
  21. Körülvéve valalmitől
    Beset with

    20 per cent of Dutch primary school children were beset with worries so serious that they limited their ability to lead normal lives.
  22. Belsővé tesz

    Nobody is really sure exactly why this is, but these disorders are caused by children internalising their anxiety.
  23. Idióta tudós?
    leír, ecsetel
    • Idiots savants
    • depict

    For years, scientists have speculated that the talents possessed by so-called 'idiot savants' - as depicted by Dustin Hoffman.
  24. Távvezérlő

    He has tried to prove the theory by using an electronic brain zapper to release the artistic and mathematical skills of 17 volunteers.
  25. Koponyán keresztül átmenő

    Using a technique known as transcranial magnetic stimulation.
  26. Heverészik
    Lie around

    People who lie around in bed in the morning are more intelligent.
  27. Elhalasztás

    Because of suspension, Jack can't play in Sunday's match.
  28. Assembly

    In their daily assemblies, pupils are encouraged to give their opinions about the organization and management of the school.
  29. Bezár
    Lock up
  30. Felszív
    Drink up
  31. Kitakarít
    Tidy up
  32. Megjavítani egy gumideffektet
    Mending a puncture

    Mending a puncture on a bicycle.
  33. Újraélesztés

    You are going to hear someone explaining how to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
  34. Hátrabillent
    Tilt back

    Tilt back the patient's head.
  35. Oszlopdiagram
    Props diagram

    Use gestures, props or rough diagrams.
  36. Vonakodó

    The men are much more reluctant to ask the way than women.
  37. Legjobb módja
    The best way

    This is the best way to cook beef.
  38. Másképp tenni
    Another way of doing it

    There is another way of doing it.
  39. Azt a módot, ahogy...
    The way

    I hate the way he laughs.
  40. A magam módján
    I did it my way
  41. Kérdezni az utat
    Ask the way 

    Ask for direction
  42. Utat talál
    Find his way
  43. Ismeri az utat
    Know the way
  44. Úton van
    On its way
  45. Bajban van
    Go out of his way
  46. Elől megy
    előre megy
    Lead the way
  47. Le van zárva az út
    To be/get in the way
  48. Felreáll az útból
    hordd el magad!
    Get out of the way
  49. Úgy van, ahogy akarod
    Have your own way
  50. Rossz bőrben van
    a tönk szélén áll
    In a bad way
  51. Fordítva
    rossz irányba
    The wrong way round
  52. (meg)fordítva
    a feje tetejére állítva
    • The wrong way up
    • (upside down)
  53. Semmiképpen
    semmi esetre
    No way!
  54. Akárhogy is, ....
    By the way
  55. Túl nagy
    Way too big
  56. Kiút
    Way out
  57. Folyamatban van
    úton, útközben
    Under way
  58. leír
    take down

    I took down his e-mail address before I forgot.
  59. nyíltan, őszintén beszél
    Speak out (against)

    Five students were arrested for speaking against the government.
  60. lassít
    Slow down

    The train slowed down as ít approached the station.
  61. kizár
    Shut out

    Don't all shut out at once! One at a time please!
  62. kikísér
    • See off
    • My dad came to see me off at the bus station.
  63. elfut
    Run off

    When we tried to speak to him, he just run off.
  64. kihagy
    Miss out

    You're missing out on a great opportunity.
  65. körös-körül rendetlenség
    Mess around

    Stop messing around and help me move this furniture.
  66. le el be-zár
    Lock up

    Can the last person to leave the building please remember to lock up?
  67. .
    • Lie around
    • Laze around
    • lounge around

    I felt so lazy just lying around on the beach all day.
  68. eloszt
    Hand out

    Could you hand out these books to the other students?
  69. elmos
    Eat away (at)

    The damp has gradually eaten away the wooden floorboards.
  70. elbeszélget
    Chat away

    She'll chat away happily for hours on the phone.
  71. kitart 
    tovább visz
    Carry on

    Don't stop just because I'm here... carry on working.
  72. megold
    Work out

    You can work out the answer by adding these figures together.
  73. jól kidolgozott
    (have a) well-rounded education/experience of life

    I didn't enjoy boarding school very much, but I certainly got a very well-rounded education.
  74. kihagy
    Skip lectures/classes

    I decided to skip maths.
  75. rámenős szülők
    Pushy parents

    I had pushy parents as a child. They virtually forced me to learned the violin and I had to practise for an hour every evening.
  76. biztosítja a lehetőséget
    Provide the opportunity for

    Her parents provided her with the opportunity to study abroad.
  77. jelentős szerepet játszik
    Play a (full) part in

    Hard work played a very big part in his success.
  78. új lehetőségeket nyit
    Open up new possibilities

    The course will open up all kids of possibilities for you.
  79. megfigyelést tesz
    Make an observation about

    Can I make a few observations?
  80. figelembe vesz
    Make allowances for

    Please make allowances for Michael. Remember he's only fifteen years old.
  81. a maga útját járja
    a saját feje után megy
    Have your own way

    He's determined to have his own way.
  82. szusszanás
    lélegzethez jut
    Have a breather

    We've been doing this for three hours now. Let's have a breather.
  83. népi bölcsesség
    Folk wisdom

    The usual folk wisdom is feed a cold, starve a fever.
  84. várandós anyuka
    terhes nő
    expectant mother

    The waiting-room was full of expectant mothers.
  85. gyorstalpaló -ból
    (do a) crash course in

    I'm going to do a crash course in Spanish before my birthday.
  86. munkamániás
    (be a) workaholic

    Being a workaholic is running her social life.
  87. mérsékel
    Tone down (your accent/speech)

    You'd better tone down your accent, or people won't understand you.
  88. ki korán kel aranyat lel
    The early bird catches the worm

    Make sure you get up early tomorrow - the early bird catches the worm!
  89. lépésről lépésre
    Step by step

    The instruction book explained step-by-step how to assemble the furniture.
  90. beteszi a lábát
    Set foot in (a place)

    She swore she would never set foot in his house again.
  91. koncentrál
    Put your mind to sg

    I'm sure you can finish this assignment if you just put your mind in it.
  92. úton van
    (be) on the way

    I'm just ringing to let you know we're on our way. We'll be there soon.
  93. nem éri meg a papírt amire írnák
    Not worth the paper it's written on

    This agreement isn't worth the paper it's written on.
  94. majdnem illetlen
    Near the knuckle

    Some of Frank's jokes are a bit near the knuckle.
  95. rossz bőrben van
    In a bad way

    We heard hat Robert was in a very bad way after the accident.
  96. emlék
    (be a) hang-over from

    Richard's attitudes are a hang-over from the 1980s.
  97. ?
    Go out of your way to do sg

    Our new neighbours have gone out of their way to welcome us.
  98. ?
    Give sb a say (in sg)

    Why doesn't the committee give the students a say in how the new canteen is run?
  99. ?
    Get/give sb a head start

    Give your children a head start by sending them to a nursery school.
  100. nélkülöz vmit
    megvan vmi nélkül
    Do without sg/sb

    I can't afford a car, so I just have to do without.
  101. onilne tanulás
    Online learning

    It is predicted that online learning will continue to grow over the next ten years.
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