9. Module - NCE

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  1. to move quickly and busily round a place
    Buzz around - körüldong

    The thing I love most is buzzing round town on my scooter.
  2. to become popular and fashionable
    catch on - terjed, sikere van

    It was a popular style in Britain, but it never really caught on in the USA.
  3. to improve a place or person by improving its moral standards
    clean up - rendbe tesz, megtisztít

    The new President intends to make lots of reforms. For a start, he has promised to clean up the civil service.
  4. to follow sb somewhere
    come along - vele megy, tarts velünk!

    I'm not doing anything tonight. Do you mind if I come along to the show with you?
  5. to prepare a list, or a written document
    draw up - megfogalmaz, felvázol

    We drew up a list of the best candidates for the new position.
  6. to continue sg you were doing before
    get on with - halad, boldogul vmivel

    OK then, I'll go away now  and let you get on with your work.
  7. to do sg you especially sg other people migh disapprove of
    get up to - ?

    What did you two get up to after I'd gone to bed?
  8. to try to get or win sg
    go for - megtámad, rátámad

    Why don't you go for that job that's being advertised?
  9. (of a town, garden ect.) to be arranged or planned in a particular way
    lay out - elrendez, megtervez

    The palace gardens were laid out in the French style.
  10. to work together with other people in order to get a job done
    muck in - egy szobában lakik vkivel

    You're expected to people to muck in with the farm work.
  11. to tell sb a piece of information that someone else has told you
    pass on - továbbad, továbbít

    I'll pass your message on to Ms. Eckland.
  12. to produce a printed copy of a computer document
    print out - kiír, kinyomtat

    Just wait a moment while I print out the details.
  13. to join a line of people or vehicles waiting to go somewhere or do sg
    queue up - sorba áll, sort áll

    I always buy cinema tickets in advance so I don't have to queue up.
  14. to switch on your computer so that it is ready to use
    • start up - beindít, begyújt
    • shut down - lezár, bezár

    Oh, dear! I'm having trouble starting up my computer.
  15. to walk around somewhere slowly and unwillingly because you are tired or uninterested
    traipse round - körbe karikába kóvályog, bolyong

    I hated having to traipse around the shops with my mother.
  16. a victory in all parts of a game or competition, where you win every possible prize
    clean sweep - mindent elnyer, besöpör

    The 200m race was a clean sweep for the Swedes.
  17. a situation which is very risky or uncertain
    dodgy business - ?

    Betting on the result of a sporting event is a very dodgy business.
  18. at some point in the future
    down the line - ?

    A few years down the line, you'll see I was right.
  19. a round-shaped spacecraft, supposedly carrying creatures from space
    flying saucer - repülő csészealj

    Many people are now claiming to have seen flying saucers over the dessert.
  20. to escape from your daily problems and have a peaceful and relaxing holiday
    get away from it all - megszökik minden elől

    Why don't you get away from it all with a holiday in Crete?
  21. to reject a plan, suggestion etc.
    give sg the thumbs down - elutasít

    The project was given the thumbs down.
  22. not to be able to get any sleep at all
    not get a wink of sleep - ?

    It was so noisy in my room, I didn't get a wink of sleep.
  23. to say that you expect sg to happen in the future
    it's my bet (that) - lefogadom, hogy...

    It's my bet that Alex will be late for the meeting again. He's just impossible!
  24. likely to happen in the near future
    on the horizon - ... a láthatáron

    So what's new with you? Are there any big changes on the horizon?
  25. to sit down and relax, especially with your feet supported by sg
    put your feet up - lazít, elengedi magát

    You've worked really hard. Why don't you go home and put your feet up?
  26. physically large and strong, in an attractive way
    well-built - jó felépítésű, jó alakú

    I think David should model the new sports collection. He's an extremely well-built young man.
  27. to have more money than many other people, or enough money to have a good standard of living
    well-off - jómódú, vagyonos

    This is the part of town where the well-off people tend to live.
  28. to have a lot of books and know about a lot of different subjects
    well-read - olvasott, irodalomban jártas

    Katie is a very well-read young lady.
  29. completely and totally
    well and truly - ?

    We were well and truly lost.
  30. to behave in a way that causes problems for yourself
    (to be) your own worst enemy - te vagy magad legádázabb ellensége

    Lee could do so much better at school, but I'm afraid he's his own worst enemy.
  31. to give or get a clear understanding of sg, especially sg unfamiliar or complicated
    give/get an insight into - betekintést nyer vmibe

    Her new book gives you a real insight into the life and culture of the South American people.
  32. to stay in bed longer than usual in the morning
    have a lie-in - hétalvó

    Sunday's the day when I like to have a lie-in.
  33. a delay, where traffic stops or can only move very slowly
    hold-up - forgalmi akadály

    We should get there by 8, as long as there are no hold-ups.
  34. the line of travel that an aircraft follows as it flies over a landing place while it waits for permission to land
    holding pattern - ?

    We'll be stuck in a holding pattern for a few more minutes.
  35. to be very tired and disorientated because you have been flying for a long time through different time zones
    (be) jet lagged - időeltolódás

    John is bound to be jet-lagged when he arrives from Australia.
  36. used to say you should admit that a difficult situation exists, even though you would prefer to ignore it
    let's face it - nézzünk szembe a tényekkel

    Let's face it. We are lost. 
  37. close by and ready when needed
    on hand - kéznél van

    There is always a nurse on hand if you need help.
  38. a long way from places where people normally go
    out of the way - félreeső

    We're going to stay in an out of the way little village.
  39. a large quantity of sg.
    quite a bit (+of) - nagyon

    Unfortunately, I've got a bit of work  to do this weekend.
  40. to live for a short time in conditions that are very uncomfortable
    rough in - vázlatot készít, körvonalaz

    I don't mind roughing it tonight if we can stay somewhere a bit more comfortable tomorrow.
  41. unharmed, especially after being in danger
    safe and sound - épen és egészségesen

    The drama was over quite quickly and the hostages were returned safe and sound.
  42. included in normal military equipment. Also a piece of equipment that is normal, and in no way special
    standard issue - alapvető kérdés

    It's just a standard issue computer.
  43. a situation or problem which does not exist any more
    thing of the past - valami a múltté, nincs többé

    Scientists say that smallpox will soon be a thing of the past.
  44. thought about carefully, considering all the possible problems
    (well/badly etc.) thought out - átgondolt

    It was a badly thought out scheme which should never have been considered in the first place.
  45. the best of a particular  set of products that you can buy
    top of the rage - csúcsminőség

    A top of the range mountain bike.
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