10. Module - NCE

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  1. to meet sb you know by acident
    bump into - összefut valakivel

    You'll never believe it! I bumped into Bill in town this morning.
  2. to do sg that needs to be organised and planned
    carry out - kivitelez, végrehajt

    Urgent repairs are being carried out at the moment.
  3. to be unfaithful to your husband, wife or partner by secretly having sex with someone else
    cheat on - megcsal

    I can't believe that he's been cheating on his wife for all this time.
  4. to start being in love with sb
    fall for - beleszeret

    It was love at first sight! As soon as I met Virginia, I fell for her.
  5. to discover sb has done sg illegal or immoral
    find out - rajtakap, rájön

    After years of cheating, he was eventually found out.
  6. to go from one place to another doing a particular thing, or behaving in a particular way
    go round doing - körbejár vmivel?

    He's been going round telling people how stupid I am.
  7. spoken used to ask or tell sb to wait
    hang on - várj egy percet, (tarts ki)

    Hang on! I'll be with you in a minute.
  8. to plan a route, itinerary or schedule
    map out - kidolgoz, eltervez

    I'm mapping out your route for you right now.
  9. to collect sb or sg waiting for you in a car
    to be able to detect or receive electronic signals
    pick up - fog (elektronikus jelet), összeszed(kocsiba)

    My husband will come to pick you up at the airport.

    I managed to pick up an American news broadcast.
  10. to continue
    read on - folytat

    If what I say seems hard to believe, read on... you may be surprised.
  11. to start a long journey, especially by land or sea
    set out (from/for) - útnak indul

    The cruise will last for ten days. We'll set out from Cairo an finish in Luxor.
  12. to prepare the equipment for sg so that it is ready to be used
    set up - felszerel, előkészít

    Don't worry. The technician will be here in a moment to set up the equipment for you.
  13. to keep sb in a place away from other people where they cannot escape
    shut up - bezár, elzár

    They finally shut him up in prison and he was never heard of again.
  14. to believe sg or sb which is untrue
    (be) taken in - megtévesztik, becsapják

    Don't be taken in by people telling you they're honest.
  15. to turn a page in a book or a sheet of paper to the opposite side
    turn over - lapoz, forgat, átfordít

    When I turned over the sheet, there was a picture on the other side.
  16. used to say you should not make plans because you hope sg good will happen
    never count your chickens until they're hatched - nyugtával dícsérd a napot, ne igyál előre a medve bőrére

    Are you sure it'll work? Never count your chickens until they're hatched.
  17. to be shown to have made a mistake, or to have been lying
    get caught out - kimutat, hibát

    If you keep on lying, you 'll get caught out in the end.
  18. used when sg unpleasant or annoying is about to happen again
    here we go again! - megint ugyanott vagyunk!

    'Can you give me a hand?' 'Oh, no! Here we go again.'
  19. facts about sb that are unpleasant for them to know but that are true
    home truths - a kellemetlen igazságok

    It's time she was told a few home truths.
  20. to pretend to be one person when you are really another person
    lead a double life - kettős életet él

    You wouldn't believe it! He's been leading a double life for years, with two wives and two houses.
  21. an advertisement etc. used by people who want to make friends or find sb to love
    lonely hearts advertisement/column/page etc. - társkereső oldal/hírdetés

    If you're lonely, try answering a lonely hearts ad on the internet.
  22. sb who is unfaithful to their husband, wife or partner
    love-rat - féltékeny

    The headlines read: My rock star lover was a love-rat.
  23. to force yourself to stop behaving in a nervous, frightened or disorganised way
    pull yourself together - szedd össze magad

    Pull yourself together, will you? People are staring!
  24. to accept what sb says without checking that it is true
    take sb's word for it - hinni vki szavának

    'I've got the biggest muscles of anyone here' 'I'll take your word for it!
  25. to tell sb in authority information about sb because you want them to get into trouble
    tell tales - elárul vkinek

    Sally's been telling tales to the teacher.
  26. to be completely unable to understand sg
    (not) understand a word of sg - egy szót sem lehet érteni belőle

    Have you read that poem? I couldn't understand a word for it.
  27. a lie that is told to avoid upsetting sb
    white lie - füllentés, ártatlan hazugság

    Do you really like it, or are you telling white lies?
  28. your husband, wife or partner
    your other falf - a másik feled

    Would it be possible to speak to your other half for a moment?
  29. used to say that an offer or suggestion is so strange or silly that you cannot believe they are serious
    you must be joking! - biztosan viccelsz

    Buy a new car on my salary? You must be joking!
  30. to behave in a determined way so that people do not force you to do not want to
    assert yourself - tolakodik, érvényesülni akar

    I'm not surprised you haven't been promoted. You need to assert yourself a bit more.
  31. to tell a lie after promising to tell the truth in a court of law
    to make an illegal copy of sg so people think it's real
    • commit perjury - hamis tanúzást követ el
    • commit forgery - másolt hamisítvány készít

    It's very serious to be accused of committing perjury.
  32. to obtain money by making sb believe sg that is not true
    con sb out of sg - ?

    That guy just conned me out of $10
  33. to be replaced by sg newer, better or different
    give way (to) - utat enged

    Steam trains finally gave way to electric ones.
  34. photos/phone calls that are not genuine and are meant to deceive people, or as a joke
    hoax photos/phone calls etc. - beugrató fotók, hívások

    There have been a number of hoax photos of the Prime Minister on the internet.
  35. to give a reason for behaviour which annoys or upsets people
    make an excuse - jó ürügy arra, hogy... - elégséges ok

    Are you going to make an excuse for forgetting our meeting?
  36. used to say that you are not surprised by sg.
    no wonder - nem csoda

    'I'm very tired.' 'No wonder... it's nearly 2 a.m.'
  37. to get fatter
    • put on weight - felszed súlyt
    • to lose weight - lead súlyt

    Mary seems to have put on a lot of weight recently.
  38. to show great determination in resisting sg
    put up a struggle - elszántan küzd

    Jill put up a real fight when she was arrested.
  39. to tell a lot of people information which is private or possibly untrue.
    spread gossip/rumours etc. -  pletykát terjeszt

    That woman's been spreading rumours about me again.
  40. a special piece of clothing that is used to control the movements of sb who is mentally ill and violent
    strait-jacket - kényszerzubbony

    They had to restrain the prisoner by putting a strait-jacket on him.
  41. to tell a small unimportant lie
    tell a fib - füllent

    Fortunately, nobody noticed and I got the job.
  42. to give evidence in court having made an official promise to tell the truth
    testify under oath - eskü alatt vall

    Are you prepared to testify under oath that you were with him that evening?
  43. used to say that you do not believe what sb has told you
    you could've fooled me! - hogy tudnál már bolonddá tenni! ?

    'I'm doing my best, honestly.' 'You could've fooled me!'
  44. used to say that you do not completely believe sb, or are very surprised by what they have said
    you're kidding! - viccelsz?

    'I'm going to get married.' 'You're kidding!'
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