cognition chapter 7 pt 2

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  1. hemispatial neglect is not a disorder of ____ perception
  2. neglect patient's visual field still ____'s visual _____ of the occipital cortex
    activates, regions
  3. when presented with two stimuli at the same time, then the stimulus on the opposite side of the lesion is not consciously perceived
  4. in neglect patients one stimulus is not problematic because there are no ____ stimuli, but with two stimuli the reduced ______ capacity means that only one stimulus tends to be _____
    competing; attentional; reported
  5. a representational system for coding space (eg near versus far space; imaginal versus external)
    reference frames
  6. space is not represented in the brain as a ____ _____ entity
    single continuous hence reference frames
  7. neglect can occur for spatial _____ images and not just spatial representation derived from perception
  8. because the brain appears to contain different spatial reference frames for mental imagery and for perceptual events in external space, it suggests that perception and imagery can _____ at ____ levels of _____ processing
    dissociate; higher; visual
  9. patients with neglect have been shown to process information in the neglected field, but it is not processes _____
  10. spatial maps rely more on ____ than they do on ____ object in the _____ environment
    memory; locating; immediate
  11. neurons that respond when an animal is in a particular location in allocentric space normally found in the hippocampus
    Place cells
  12. a test of spatial memory developed for rodents that requires learning and retaining the location of a hidden platform submerged in opaque water
    water maze test
  13. given that each neuron responds to a given place, when a collection of neurons are considered together they could function as a ____ of the _____
    map; environment
  14. responses of place cells are often highly _____ sensitive
  15. many human place cells also respond to the ____ location of the animal, not just the physical location
  16. concerning spatial maps, there seems to be a greater ____ of function in humans
  17. we tend to be good at remembering routes if we ____ them ourselves rather than are ____ them by
    find; shown
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