chapter 14 key terms

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  1. control processes that enable an individual to optimize performance in situations requiring the operation and coordination of several more basic cognitive processes
    executive functions
  2. the extent to which a task relates to everyday situations outside of the laboratory
    ecological validity
  3. a test of executive functions involving rule induction and rule use
    wisconsin card sorting test
  4. response interference from naming the ink color of a written color name
  5. a task in which participants must point to a new object on each trial and thus maintain a working memory for previously selected items
    self-ordered pointing task
  6. remembering to do things in the future
    prospective memory
  7. the process of relating information currently held in mind back to the task requirements
  8. retaining focus on the task requirements over a period of time
    sustained attention
  9. a working memory task; the participant must decide whether the currently presented stimulus is the same as the one presented immediately before (1-back) or two items before (2-back) and so on
    n-back task
  10. carrying out several tasks in succession; requires both task switching an maintaining future goals while current goals are being dealt with.
    multi tasking
  11. an electrical potential that can be detected at the scalp when an error is made
    error related negativity
  12. a situation in which a prepotent incorrect response needs to be overcome to perform a task successfully (as in strooooop color naming
    response conflict
  13. discarding a previous schema and establishing a new one
    task switching
  14. the use of brain based methods/ theories in order to account for economic decision making
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