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  1. central process in the formation of new religions, blending of new and old forms of relgions
  2. sub-process of syncretism, creative mixing of new religious identities from older ones
    religious hybridity
  3. decay and dispersal of old religious forms, sub-process of syncretism
  4. What terms do scholars prefer?
    New Religious Movements (NRM)
  5. What terms are used by sociologists and religious studies people?
    Sect and cult
  6. From a latin word used by Roman Catholic Church to refer to acts of devotion to Mary and Saints, 1st used by sociologists in 1930s for less traditional beliefs and had charismatic leaders,
    - 1960s it became a negative name
  7. What is mixed with older religious elements with other cultural expressions?
  8. What type of NRM contains more new elements than traditional relgious elements 
    - Ex: scientology
    Nontraditional NRMs
  9. What type of NRM contains fewer new religious elements than traditional
    - Ex: christian, Islamic, and Buddhist-based NRMs
    Traditional NRMs
  10. What is the recent Persian NRM?
    The Buha'i faith, One God, One Revelation
  11. What are the elements of Tripolar Typology?
    Exclusivism, Inclusivism, and Pluralism
  12. The glory of God, arose in 19th century Iran
  13. Baha'i scripture
  14. the Gate, predecessor of Baha'u'llah
    The Bab
  15. religious movement founded by the Bab, followers are call Babis
  16. the glory of God, led Babis after execution of the Bab, a messianic figure
  17. religious movement including, surpassing, and superseding another movement
  18. claims to supersede and replace another religious movement
    strong supersessionism (replacement theology)
  19. religious movement sees itself as improving upon but not replacing another religious movement
    weak supersessionism (fullfilment theology)
  20. What are the three onenesses?
    Oneness of God, Oneness of Humanity, and Oneness of Religion
  21. strategy for gaining legitimation by a new religious movement, and sees itself restoring teaching of the parent religion that the new religion claims were forgotten or corrupted by parent religion
  22. grounded in radical reformation, originated in Boston, rejected the trinity
  23. major movement in 19th century, proclaimed salvation of all, Hosea Ballou
  24. Who is a Boston minister and central figure of Unitarianism?
    William Ellery Channing
  25. Who is a minister and central figure of the Universalism faith, taught "Death and Glory" doctrine?
    Hosea Ballou
  26. christian pluralism, burned-over district in NY
    -founder Joosephy Smith who talked to angel Moroni
    Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints (Mormonism)
  27. the Greates Catholic Christian Spiritual writer in 20th century, author of Seven Storey Mountain (about conversion)
    Thomas Merton
  28. movement that look to an earthly recreation of paradise on Earth
    Millennialist movement
  29. movement that expect the coming of a messiah figure
    Messianic movements
  30. Who was the Babptist Preacher from new England
    William Miller
  31. an adventist prophet
    Ellen G. White
  32. Occurred on Oct. 22, 1844
    The Great Dissapointment
  33. 7th day Sabbath (Saturday)
  34. Type of Adventist Teaching about final Matters (eschatology), there is no soul, but the body will be resurrected
    Christian immortality
  35. Type of Adventist Teaching about final Matters (eschatology), after death, there is "an unconscious state for all people" until the second coming
    conditional immortality
  36. Type of Adventist Teaching about final Matters (eschatology), after the Millennium, a "fire from God will consume [the unrighteous] and cleanse the Earth...of sin and sinners forever"
    Earth's final cleansing
  37. who was the jehavah's witnesses founder, millennialist?
    Charles Taze Russell
  38. "Spiritual composure, physical health, and even economic well-being...flow from a persona's rapport with the cosmos" (sidney ahlstom)
  39. Who was the founder of Christian Science?
    Mary Baker Eddy
  40. What is "Only God is real, the body and illness are unreal"?
    the basic belief of Christian Science
  41. Who wrote the new scripture "Science and Health"?
    Mary Baker Eddy
  42. Who was the founder of unity, student of Eddy, and harmonialist new religious movement?
    Charles and Myrtle Fillmore
  43. the diving within all human rights
    Christ (as referred to by the Unity Movement)
  44. receiving messages from a spiritual dimension
  45. Professor of psychology at columbia, channel who spoke in the name of Jesus, in 1965 a voice told her 'this is a course in miracles. Please take notes"
    Helen Schucman
  46. "Miracles" are "shifts in perception" that cancel false belief in guilt, death, illness, sin, time, and space
    Miracle (according to ACIM)
  47. Who saw himself as the messiah, the savior, and "the True Parent" of humanity; Unification movement and millenialist?
    Rev. Sun Myung
  48. Hubbard's self-help, pop psychology, in Scientology
  49. the spirit or soul, in Scientology
  50. One gets to the clear state by auditing releases the Thetan and removing negative emotion, Scientology
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