Unit 6 Vocab

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  1. Adherent
    • A follower of an idea or a person
    • Example: The Disciple was an adherent of the Sufferer.
    • Clue: 
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  2. Inherent
    • A natural part of something.
    • Example: In any session, the Derse and Prospit kingdoms are inherent places in the game.
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  3. Incoherent
    • Unable to be understood.
    • Example: Rose's speech was incoherent after going grimdark.
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  4. Diffuse
    • (verb) to spread or scatter freely or widely; (adjective) wordy, long-winded, or unfocused; 
    • Example: The fireflies diffused over LOWAS.
    • Example: The pesterchat conversation was diffuse unnecessarily confusing.
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  5. Effusive
    • Overflowing with words or feelings; gushing
    • Example: Equius and Nepeta's effusive moirail
    • talks are very sweet to me.
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  6. Profuse
    • Plentiful and abundant
    • Example: Fireflies were profuse on LOWAS.
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  7. Resolute
    • Determined; steadfast
    • Example: It's John's resolute optimism that keeps the kids together.
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  8. Dissolute
    • Devoted to sensual pleasure; lacking morals
    • Example: Roxy is known for her dissolute lifestyle.
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  9. Insoluble
    • Unable to be solved or dissolved 
    • Example(s): The trolls' session was rendered insoluble. The queen's ring was insoluble.
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  10. Diligent
    • Hardworking and careful.
    • Example: As the Knight of time, Dave was diligent in his aspect in order to avoid doomed timelines.
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  11. Recollect
    • To remember/recall.
    • Example: Jade often recollects memories while in her dream state.
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  12. Sacrilege
    • An act against a holy person/place.
    • Example: Gamzee felt that the video Dave sent to him was a sacrilege against his religion.
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