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  1. How hardy is Marijuana? What does it need to thrive? How much time and attention does it require?
    yes. anything. does not take time or attention
  2. Cannabis is exactly the same as Marijuana?
  3. What is THC?
    the active ingredient of MJ
  4. Know how the Great Depression affected the legality of Marijuana
    MJ got tied up with illegal immigration which got tied up with the depression. so it was thought if we got rid of MJ than we would get rid of  illegal immigration
  5. How long can THC remain in the blood stream?
    up to several days. (great periods of time)
  6. What drug has several properties such as excitement, sedation and hallucinations but is not considered any of these?
  7. How does a joint compare to a cigarette concerning lung damage?
    MJ puff for puff is worse than
  8. What does the term ergogenic mean?
    performance enhancing
  9. What are designer drugs?
    • man made drugs. taking a drug and altering it
    •  on exam= designed to change the testosterone level or molecules= false
  10. What is the breakfast of Champions? (Track and Field definition)
    anabolic steriods
  11. What happens in men who use steroids?
    • - suppress growth 
    • - depression
    • -testicles shrinks
  12. What is steroid cycling?
    going on and off of steroids
  13. If you stop taking steroids what happens to most of the bodily changes?
    you go back to how you were before the drugs
  14. What is muscle dysmorphia?
    believe you do not have enough muscle (like anorexia)
  15. People using steroids adopt an easier going attitude?
  16. Know the associated changes in pre-pubertal males who use steroids.
    • - growth supressed
    • -depression 
    • -testicles shrink
  17. Know what is responsible for changing sugar to alcohol
  18. We have all heard of a still. Exactly why do moonshine’s use these devices?
    makes alcohol more pure
  19. In England between the years 1730 and 1749 there was an increase in infant deaths. Why?
    gin epidemic- moms where comsuming gin at the point they could not care for children
  20. About how fast does the liver oxidize alcohol?
    1 oz an hour
  21. How long does it take for a drink of alcohol to pass from the stomach?
    none of the above. alcohol is not digested
  22. In Utah what is the legal BAC to operate a motor vehicle vehicle?
  23. How does body fat affect the level of intoxication?
    • body fat does not absorb alcohol
    • muscle does absorb alcohol
  24. Drinking alcohol on a cold day will warm you up?
    false. saint Bernard myth
  25. How does alcohol affect most antibiotics?
    makes them not work
  26. What is tracking? How does it affect driving when intoxicated?
    lose of side vision when intoxicated = dangerous drving
  27. As it related to alcohol what is a Dram? What is Dram shop liability?
    • dram= measure of alcohol (size of a shot glass)
    • dram shop liability= those you sell alcohol are responsable to individuals who come and drink in their establishment
  28. How does food in the stomach affect the absorption of alcohol?
    it helps the body absorb it faster because the food absorbs it and then the food is digested
  29. What was the Nobel Experiment? Was it a success?
    Prohibition. did not work
  30. About what percent of drinkers get a hangover after consuming alcohol?
    • #28 on exam 
    • 40% of men over 18
    • 27% of women over 18
  31. How have taxes been used to decrease both alcohol and tobacco consumption?
    sin taxes= price raised on drugs

    taxes are more effective than treatment because with the tax the drugs are more expensive and are not easy to afford
  32. What is the Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome?
    get it from chronic alcohol consumption
  33. Who were Dr. Bob and Bill? Why do we remember there names?
    founded AA.
  34. Is there a relationship between alcohol and cancer?
  35. How easy is it to obtain inhalants?
    very easy. markers, house cleaners
  36. Inhalant usage is a relatively new phenomenon?
  37. Who first made Nitrous Oxide?
    Humphrey davey
  38. How did he personally test the pain killing properties on himself?
    noris wells used it to pull pulling a tooth out
  39. What is a whippet?
    propellent of CO2
  40. It was not until the late 1970s that nitrous oxide reappeared on the streets? (This is a true or false question)
    false #33 (reappeared long before that. became most popular in the 1970s)
  41. How do most inhalants cause brain damage in high doses? What do they reduce/restrict in the brain?
    • -rob brain of oxygen= brain cells die and suffer brain damage
    • - nitrous oxide given with oxygen
  42. What was one of the first uses for ether?
    cramps and tooth aches
  43. For a time ether was considered a substitute for what drug?
  44. How flammable is ether?
  45. Can inhalant usage cause birth defects?
    yes with the mother is the one inhalant the chemicals
  46. What is primary prevention? Can’t find-look it up
    preventing people from using drugs before they even try a drug

    preventing before the habit starts
  47. What is the ‘common treatment approach’?
    using the things that we know work for substance abuse treatment
  48. True or false question. Most abusers only abuse one drug at a time?
  49. According to the book and other experts jail time is a good option for those that abuse drugs?
  50. How effective is the worksite in treating substance abuse? Or is the work site just the place where many abusers are caught?
    no at all. its a place where workers get caught
  51. Be familiar with the three goals of substance abuse
    • 1) reduce level of new users
    • 2) delay the first usage 
    • 3) stopping using drugs 

    answer= cutting down on substance use and abuse
  52. Be familiar with ways to deal with substance abuse in children.
    • good honest communication 
    • being an example
  53. Who said that they were an expert in quitting smoking because they had done it a 1000 times?
    mark twain
  54. What is the single most preventable cause of death in the nation?
  55. What are columnar cells? What are Cilia? What do they do?
    cells in the eipthelim tissue that are shaped like columns and the cilia are the hair like structures that move things back and forth. this motions helps clear the air way
  56. Of the following which contains the most tars and nicotine? Pipes, cigars, or cigarettes?
  57. how many cancer causing drugs are in tobacco
    43 in tobacco
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