Speech Perception

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  1. What is Speech Perception
    2 things must occur:
    What does the listener do?
    How do listeners deconstruct speech segments?
    • Speaker provides acoustic speech signal, listener retrieves linguistic representations of the signal
    • Extract meaning from speech, map acoustical signal onto linguistic representations, and break language into individual segments
    • speech perception mechanisms are spread throughout the cortex, there is no single mechanism
  2. Subcortical Processing
    Structures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6?
    What is speech analyzed for?
    • Cochlea: Nerve: Cochlear Nucleus: Superior Olivary Complex: Inferior colliculus: medial geniculate body
    • location, intensity, transitions, frequency, timing (onset/termination) this is the most important for phoneme perception
  3. Cortical Processing
    Auditory information from thalamus projects to the ______ (areas __&__) and is then transmitted to ________ (area __) which is responsible for comprehension.
    • primary auditory cortex
    • 41 & 42
    • Wernicke's 
    • 22
  4. Other Speech Processing Areas
    Responsible for (4):
    • Prosody, intonation, timing, stress
    • integrates different components of the speech signal
    • involve with the timing of speech sounds
  5. Disorders of Auditory Processing:
    Central (Cortical) Deafness:
    Auditory Sound Agnosia:
    Pure Word Deafness:
    • No awareness of auditory stimuli, but hearing mechanism is intact, bilateral damage to auditory cortex
    • Unable to identify nonverbal stimuli, they are aware of them though, damage to auditory association cortex
    • speech perception impaired, but speech production/reading/writing is fine, they can perceive nonverbal stimuli but cannot perceive speech stimuli, difficulty understanding speech, unilateral/bilateral damage to auditory cortex, subcortical lesion of connections to Wernicke's
    • similar to prosopagnosia in that individuals have issues recognizing familiar voices, damage to inferior parietal lobe (right hemisphere)
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