roberts final centering

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  1. where do u center for LATERAL POSITION: CHEST
    CR perpendicular, directed to midthorax at level of T7 (3 to 4 inches [7.5 to 10 cm] below level of jugular notch)
  2. where do u center for  AP lordotic.
    CR perpendicular to IR, centered to midsternum (3 to 4 inches [9 cm] below jugular notch)
  3. where do u center for  AP abdomen (KUB).
    CR perpendicular to and directed to center of IR (to level of iliac crest)
  4. where do u center for AP PROJECTION—ERECT POSITION: ABDOMEN
    Adjust height of IR so that the center is approximately 2 inches(5 cm) above iliac crest (to include diaphragm), which for the average patient places the top of the IR approximately at the level of the axilla.
  5. AP Shoulder
    CR• CR perpendicular to IR, directed to 1 inch (2.5 cm) inferior to coracoid process
  6. Shoulder Inferosuperior axial (Lawrence method).
    Direct CR medially 25° to 30°, centered horizontally to axilla and humeral head
  7. Shoulder GRASHEY METHOD
    Rotate body 35 ° to 45 ° toward affected side

    CR perpendicular to IR, centered to scapulohumeral joint, which is approximately 2 inches (5 cm) inferior and medial from the superolateral border of shoulder
    CR perpendicular to IR, directed to midscapulohumeral joint,
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