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  1. Dean Rusk
    Secretary of State under JFK and LBJ that pushed to defend the freedom of Vietnam.
  2. Robert McNamara
    Secretary of Defense under JFK and LBJ, one of the communist hawks that pushed for involvement in Vietnam, part of the Gulf of Tonkin conspiracy that created the attack on Vietnam through the Gulf of Tonkin resolution
  3. Tet Offensive
    On the Vietnamese New Year Holiday, called "Tet", the Vietcong and North Vietnam Army launched their strongest offensive yet, attacking South Vietnam cities and the United States Embassy in Saigon. General Westmoreland tried to make it out to be a US victory, but when he called for more troops and the American people saw the televised results, it was obvious that we had lost
  4. William Westmoreland
    American Commander in Vietnam that attempted to issue optimistic reports telling the American public that the war was being won, however after the Tet offensive it was obvious that we were not
  5. My Lai
    A small village in Vietnam where United States troops killed 300 civilians (most women and children) that was exposed to a horrified American public
  6. Clark Clifford
    Replaced McNamara following his resignation in 1967 as Secretary of Defense - a "hardliner/hawk" on the war
  7. LBJ resignation 1968
    March 31st - in a television speech ordering restrictions on bombings and calling for peace talks, then stunning the nation by declaring that he would not run for another term as president
  8. MLK Assassination 1968
    On April 4th, Martin Luther King was assassinated at a motel in Tennessee by James Earl Ray. This sparked violent black riots in over 100 cities in agony at the loss of their leader
  9. Robert Kennedy
    Brother of John F. Kennedy, Attorney General under JFK. Campaigning to run in the Democratic Party in the election of 1968
  10. Eugene McCarthy
    One of the potential Democratic candidates that was to run in the primaries to challenge LBJ
  11. RFK Assassination 1968
    After giving a speech at the Democratic Convention, Sirhan Sirhan shot RJK and sent the Democratic party into a tailspin
  12. Sirhan Sirhan
    A Jordanian that disliked RFK's support of Israel shot  the candidate at the Democratic National Convention
  13. Hubert Humphrey
    Vice President to LBJ, he ran as the Democratic candidate in the 1968 election and lost to Nixon
  14. "Chicago War" - Democratic Convention
    Outside the Democratic Convention in Chicago, protestors (SDS, Black Panthers, Weathermen, etc.) went wild after they heard the news of the assassination of RFK. This resulted in riots and the tearing down of the American flag outside of the convention. Upset, Mayor Daley ordered police to arrest the protestors, which resulted in an all out violent war between the two groups
  15. Richard Nixon
    Republican candidate in the 1968 election that came out victorious
  16. Spiro Agnew
    Vice president under Nixon
  17. "Silent Majority"
    After being nominated for the Republican party, Nixon gave an acceptance speech in which he asked for the support of the "silent majority" - non new left, non protestors, non racists, etc. that wanted peace
  18. George Wallace
    "Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever" - segregationist gov. of Alabama ("Stand in the Schoolhouse Door" speech) that ran in the election of 1968 under the American Independent Party preaching segregation and the desire to win Vietnam
  19. Neil Armstrong/Apollo II
    First voyage to the moon - "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"
  20. Kent State Shooting
    In response to the incursion of Cambodia, violent protests broke out at colleges, a particularly violent one taking place at Kent State in Ohio that caused the govener to call in the national guard. On May 4th, a frightened guard opened fire on the students and four were killed. This inspired more than 80 colleges to suspend classes and protestors to gather in D.C., as well as Congress to repeal the Tonkin Gulf Resolution
  21. Khmer Rouge
    The Cambodian Communists
  22. Ho Chi Minh
    Leader of the Communist Party in Vietnam
  23. Pathet Lao
    The Laotian Communists
  24. Cambodia Issue
    A raid into by US troops - an "incursion" - to strike supplies and the headquarters for the entire communist military operation in South Vietnam - this caused a huge uproar in America, especially at the college level (Kent State shootings)
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