1970's Important People

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  1. Female baseball player, golfer, tennis--- votes #2 female athlete of century 1900's by ESPN
    Mildred "Babe" Didrickson
  2. Coach of the Marshall College  football team, killed in a plane crash
    Rock Tolley
  3. American decathlete gold medal winner 1976
    Bruce Jenner
  4. Attempted to run across Canada for cancer research
    Terry fox
  5. African American tennis star
    Authur Ashe
  6. Killed by terrorist in 1972 Olympics
    David Mark Berger
  7. Last person to walk on the moon
    Eugene Cernan
  8. Cross country running world record holder
    Steve Prefontaine
  9. Captain of the US hockey team 1980
    Mike Eruzione
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