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  1. Define the term "culturally different
    "Culturally different" refers to the clinician and client being of two different cultural backgrounds.
  2. The estimated percentage range of children without health insurance in the United States is
  3. Drug used with individuals suffering from alcohol withdrawal
  4. A mood disorder that may include the borderline personality is
    Bipolar II - Bipolar II and Borderline personality Disorder may interface but are not synonymous: bipolar II may include bl personality disorder but is notlimited to this disorder.
  5. Apraxia
    inability to execute learned purposeful movements, despite having the desire and the physical capacity
  6. The Peabody Individual Achievement Test was designed to test
    Normal children
  7. The Social Security Administration considers this age range to be "Person Approaching Advanced Age
  8. T or F; CMs should have a Medical treatment plan and a Nursing plan of care
    F; Case Management should have a treatment plan after communication with
  9. healthcare providers, not a nursing plan as a case manager does not provide
    nursing care.
  10. Supreme Court ruling on the admission of Expert Testimony in Federal Courts
    Daubert Merrill Dow Pharmaceutical
  11. The expression of socially unacceptable drives through socially acceptable actions.
  12. profound mental retardation would have an IQ of??
    25 or less
  13. Dysthymic disorders
    Mood disorders
  14. Who is usually responsible for establishing and managing the procedures for disability management?
    Referral source
  15. COBRA
    Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act mandates that an employer must offer a terminated employee the option to purchase group health insurance for 18 months, at the employee's own expense.
  16. RVS
    relative value study - unit of measurement when assigning factor weights to the costs of a procedure
  17. test used to predict aggression
    Hand test
  18. Plastic orthoses suck becauseĀ…
    They do not breath easily
  19. BuSpar
    BuSpar (BUE-spar) is a possibly addictive prescription medicine widely used to treat anxiety disorders. Takes 1 to 2 weeks to feel the beneficial results of the medicine.
  20. CD4 count
    Low counts are indicative of virus. Typically associated with HIV and Herpes
  21. Anhedonia
    inability to experience pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable
  22. Akathisia
    syndrome characterized by unpleasant sensations of inner restlessness that manifests itself with an inability to sit still
  23. Broca's aphasia
    an expressive disorder; In this form of aphasia, speech output is severely reduced and islimited mainly to short utterances of less than four words
  24. _____ Act of 1996 provided monetary support to antifraud activities as well as set a goal of providing financial support to antifraud activities in all 50 states
    The Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Act of 1996
  25. Neuroleptics are also known as _____ medications
    Antipsychotic, sometimes also referred to as Major Tranquilizers depending on the source.
  26. T or F; Detoxification for several days is needed before therapy can begin
  27. Rx for Manic, also used to treat borderline personality disorder
    Lithium Carbonate
  28. The NCQA is responsible for
    Accreditation of managed care plans and networks
  29. An eligible client can receive SSDI and be employed as long as their salary does not exceed what amount?
  30. Bleuler
    Associate this name with schizophrenia research
  31. A condition in which members of diverse cultures have equality of access to resources so as to realize their full potential and receive equal social and economic benefits
  32. The Symbol Digit Modalities Test screens for_____?
    Brain dysfunction
  33. vocational tests is used most often with hearing impaired individuals
  34. What are the 3 dimensions measured on the Maslach Burnout Inventory?
    Accomplishment, Exhaustion, Depersonalization
  35. Wahler Physical Symptoms Inventory
    test designed to determine whether a client has actual physical symptoms or hypochondriasis
  36. Social Security incentives to work include a work trial with no loss of benefits for:
    9 months
  37. HIPPA compliance should be reviewed every ___ months
    3 months
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