ch. 20 cell bio

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  1. Collagen
    forms multimers of single polypeptide chains, initially coiled as a triple helix.
  2. 2 additional proteins in ECM
    • provides strong linkages in ECM
    • fibronectin
    • integrins
  3. fibronectin
    dimeric protein connected at c terminal end by dual disulphide linkages
  4. integrins
    • integral membrane proteins
    • extracellularly (ECM)
    • intracellularly (cytoskeleton)
    • humans have 24 types of integrins
  5. Glycosaminoglycans (gags)
    • complex, branched polysaccharides
    • prototypical GAG=hyaluronan
  6. proteoglycans
    fill remainder of ECM and consists of various proteins linked to GAGs
  7. Tight junction
    seal between cells formed by occludin and claudin
  8. Adherens junctions
    joins an actin bundle in one cell to adjacent cell. Cadherins
  9. Desmosomes
    join intermediate filaments (keratin filaments) bound intracellularly. Cadherins
  10. Hemidesmosomes
    integrins bridge link between anchor protein and basal lamina. and keratin filaments still associate with cytoplasmic plaque like desmosomes
  11. GAP junctions
    channel for cell to cell transfer of small analytes. provided by hexamer units called connexons
  12. Plant cells communctions
    • cellulose microfibrils (analagous to collagen) 
    • crosslinking protein is pectin and glycan
    • plant cells are connected through plasmodesmata
  13. Stem cells
    • also called pluripotential cells
    • obtained from early embryos in blastocyst stage
  14. to differentiate, cells need:
    • 1) right signals
    • 2) environmental cues
    • 3) right time during development
  15. Chemotherapeutic drugs
    • activated phosphate signals for cell proliferation which leads to cancer
    • oncogenic kinase can be blocked with a drug and doesn't send out signal so no cancer
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