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  1. a plan of a property with more than three buildings or when it is necessary to show the layout of the premises and relationship between buildings on the site
    Complex Per-incident Plan
  2. An older type of wood frame construction in which the wall studs extend vertically from the basement of a structure to the roof
    Baloon Frame Construction
  3. a floor area with at least two rooms separated by smoke resisting partitions in a building protected by a sprinkler system, or a space located in an egress path that is separated from other building spaces
    Area of refuge
  4. This section gathers information about the incident, tracks resources and assists the IC in developing the IAP and alternatives
  5. a plan for a property with a subatantial risk to life and or property: includes a drawing of the property, specific floor layouts and a narrative describing important features.
    Formal Preplan
  6. fuels provided by a buildings contents and combustible building materials also called the fire load
    Fuel Load
  7. construction technique using separte components to build the frame of a structure (one floor at a time). Each floor has a top and bottom plate that act as fire stops
    Platform Frame Construction
  8. the phase of fire development in which the fire has consumed either the available fuel or oxygen and is starting to die down
    decay phase
  9. a dry sprinkler system that uses a deluge valve instead of a dry pipe valve and requires activation of a secondary device before the pipes fill with water
  10. a fire in which the heat release rate and growth rate are controlled by the characteristics of the fuel, such as quantity and geometry, and in which adequate air for combustion is available
    fuel controlled fire
  11. a large fire involving several buildings that is confined within a complex or among adjacent buildings
    group fire
  12. a high rise assignement in which a crew is responsible for duties related to managing the stairways, elevators and the HVAC system
    Lobby Control
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