week 1. part 2

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  1. make do with st
    manage to do st you dont like
  2. give it a ...?
    • give it a shot/whirt
    • give it a try
  3. grips
    • get to grips with it
    • try to deal with st
  4. safe
    to be on the safe side
  5. bottom
    • get to the bottom of st
    • discover the truth about st
  6. shed
    • shed [a great deal] of light on st
    • throw light on st
  7. bring
    bring st to light
  8. st come to light
    be public
  9. tunnel
    the light at the end of the tunnel
  10. bag
    • st be in THE bag
    • success is already in the bag
  11. prayers
    be the answer to my prayers
  12. wand
    wave a magic wand
  13. tie up
    tie up a few loose ends
  14. fall into
    everything will fall into place
  15. pick up the pieces
    return to normal
  16. into one's own hands
    take the law into their own hands
  17. become a law..
    become a law unto themselves
  18. ban hanh luat
    lay down the law
  19. bend rule
    bend the rules
  20. can
    • carry the can
    • take all the responsibility
  21. off the hook
    • get/let off the hook
    • free from responsibility
  22. leave sb to...
    leave sb to their own devices
  23. receiving end
    at/on the receiving end of st
  24. beck
    be at sb's beck and call
  25. own way
    get your own way
  26. poll
    • go to the polls
    • bau cu
  27. spin
    • a spin doctor is sb speak sweet and positive things
    • the government's spin doctors
  28. hidden
    • there is a hidden agenda in st 
    • attempt to hide st
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