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  1. Payment per time Salary Pro
    don’t have to worry about running the business part of your business
  2. Payment per time salary
    • have less control
    • packed schedule
    • hard to take off time when want
    • don’t get extra pay for extra hours worked
  3. How health care organized
    • primary
    • secondary
    • tertiary
  4. primary
    • common health problems (DM)
    • preventative measures
    • should be 80-90% of visits
  5. secondary care
    • problems that require more specialized care (acute renal failure)
    • usually in hospital
  6. Tertiary care
    more rare and complex disorders
  7. Dawson Model (British)
    • need script to move tiers
    • primary- PCP (2/3 of all practioners)
    • secondary- specialists (cardiologist)
    • tertiary –subspecialists (cardiac surgeon)
  8. dispersed model (US)
    • move between tiers w/o script
    • GP make 1/3 of physicians
  9. US primary care problems
    • too few CPS
    • too many patients
    • poor quality
    • not patient centered care
  10. The Joint Principles of a Patient Centered Medical Home
    • Primary care
    • Patient-centered care
    • New-model practice
    • Payment reform

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W 8, p3
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