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  1. Teacher does all the work, transfers knowledge, information and skills from teacher to student, and teacher instills respect and authority.
    Teacher - Centered Philosophy
  2. This philosophy teaches students accumulated knowledge of our civilization through core courses in academic discipline an fixed core curriculum.

    Learn the material thoroughly and rigorously.
    Essentialism Philosophy
  3. This person pioneered essentialism since WWII
    William Bagley
  4. Teacher is center of the classroom and is responsible for maintaining order and authority.
    Essentialist Classroom

    See Rancho Elementary School
  5. This philosophy promotes learning from books, ideas, and concepts.

    Learn directly from the "Great Books" by history's finest thinkers.
    Perennialism Philosophy
  6. This person proposed the single elementary and HS curriculum with no elective. Related to Perennialism
    Mortimer Adler
  7. This person introduced the great books program. Related to Perennialism.
    Robert Hutchins
  8. This college is a religious school that teaches from the Bible as part of the Perennialist "Great Books" education philosophy.
    St. John's College
  9. This type of class room is discussion based, the teacher is the discussion leader.
    Perennialist Classroom
  10. This student centered philosophy organizes schools around the concerns and real life experiences of students.
  11. This classroom has kids working in small groups, interest centers are around the room, and teacher helps students form questions and devise strategies to answer them.
    Progressivism Classroom
  12. This person taught that people learn best through social interaction in the real world.
    John Dewey - Progressivism.
  13. This school was experimental in nature, had one classroom with kids grouped by interest and abilities.
    Laboratory School (1876) - Progressivism
  14. This student centered philosophy teaches that students learn by doing, and must alleviate pervasive social inequities (make the world better).
    Social Reconstruction Philosophy
  15. In this type of classroom, the teacher is the facilitator, focusing the kids questions and helping them develop strategies, organizing site visits.
    Social Reconstruction Classroom
  16. Society is a natural sorting system where the more talented rise to the top and the less talented stay at the bottom; deserve what they get.
    Social Darwinism
  17. This student centered philosophy teaches that the purpose of education is to help kids find meaning and direction in their lives.
    Existentialism Philosophy.
  18. This classroom rejects essentialist thinking and helps unleash creativity and self expression instead.
    Existentialist classroom
  19. This philosopher helped others find truths in their own minds.
  20. This method involves repeated questioning, disproving, and testing of thoughts of pupils to help them reach deeper, clearer ideas.
    The socratic method
  21. This philosopher founded the first university and was a disciple of Socrates.

    Believed the soul was spirit, intellect, and appetite.
  22. A disciple of Plato, this philosopher believed in the Golden Mean, a middle ground between two extremes.
  23. Definition: What is good or bad about human behavior.
  24. Definition: how past and present societies can create better societies for the future.
    Political philosophy.
  25. Definition: probing the nature of beauty.
  26. Definition: a general rule is given, student must identify specific examples and applications of the rule.
    Deductive reasoning.
  27. Definition: Teachers help the students draw tentative generalizations after observing specific instances of phenomena.
    Inductive reasoning.
  28. How much is spent per year on child advertising?
    $20 billion
  29. Schools are paid to promote companies to children at school, sometimes exclusively.

    Girls want to be like older girls, boys want to look physically strong.
    Advertising in Schools
  30. Schools offer prizes just for attendance.

    Exclusive drink contracts on school grounds.
    Brand Name Education
  31. A certificate of debt is issued by the government guaranteeing payment plus interest. Usually 15-20 yrs to pay off.

    Gives money to communities to build schools

    But repair of schools is needed more than replacement of the school.
  32. Taxes, teacher licenses, setting of school standards, setting of minimum graduation standards, regulating nature and size of school districts.
    State Governement
  33. implement state policies, create and implement local policies, hire school personnel, provide funds and build facilities, fix salaries.
    Local School Districts
  34. Covert power in schools goes to _____ and _____
    secretaries and parents
  35. The hidden government in schools are:
    the hidden, highly involved people in schools like secretaries and parents.
  36. Prohibits questions about race, gender, marital/child status, etc.

    Prohibits sexual discrimination and harassment.
    Title IX
  37. You cannot be fired if your behavior outside the classroom doesn't significantly disrupt educational process or erode credibility with students.
    Thompson vs. SW School District.
  38. Teacher can comment and criticize the school as freedom of speech.
    Pickering vs. Board of Education
  39. Uphold separation of church and state
    Engel vs. Vitale
  40. Schools can censor school run newspapers, but not student run, off campus newspapers.
    Hazelwood School District vs. Kuhlmeir
  41. School cannot limit free speech as long as there is not a substantial disruption
    Tinker vs. Des Moines School District
  42. Victims of school sexual harassment may sue for monetary damages as extension of Title IX.
    Frankling vs. Gwinnet Public Schools
  43. Victims of school sexual assault may only sue for monetary damages if a district official knew about the abuse and took no action.
    Gebser Vs. Lago School district
  44. Districts may only be found liable for monetary damages (sexual assault) under title IX if they are deliberately indifferent to info and the harassment bars the victim from coming to school.
    Davis vs. Monroe County Board of Education
  45. Family Rights and Privacy Act (Also known as Buckley Amendment)
    Allows parents to see their kids school records and no one else can without written permission.

    Kids over 18 must be allowed to see them if they ask.
  46. Definition: failing to provide an adequate education to students.
    Educational malpractice.
  47. IDEA
    Individuals with Disabilities. No child with disabilities can be barred from getting an education.
  48. 4th Amendment Search and Seizure
    No random locker searches are allowed, or strip searches at schools.
  49. Child Abuse Warning signs
    injury, unwashed, hungry, no emotion/apathetic to school and friends, frequently absent or tardy, lack of concentration, hostile/eager to please, fear of adults, knowledge of sexual behavior.
  50. What do you do if you suspect child abuse?
    Let the counselor know, she will report it to DHS.
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