Film 101

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  1. What do musicals do
    tells its story using characters that express themselves with song.
  2. Musical film was not born out of .....
    • was not born out of any specific political or cultural movement (traditions of
    • religion)
  3. What prevented musical performance from joining forces with cinema.
    1.) Early film industry had to create a system for recording and project sound

    2.)Audience perceptions – people wanted naturalism and people jumping into sound in the middle of a film was not natural.
  4. What was the first musical to join forces with cinema and what type of musical was it
    The Jazz Singer – this was a backstage musical
  5. What are Back Stage Musicals
    musicals that placed the story in a performance setting; character were singers and dancers
  6. What type of musical came after back stage musicals and describe it
    Integrated musicals-assimilated music and dancing with the action; characters could now bust into random song
  7. What was the musical film genre born out of?
    Traditions of relgions
  8. What are the stages and process of getting a
    movie made?
    Preproduction - 2years - planning and preparation/ making a budget 

    Production - months- shooting of movie

    Postproduction - after shooting is done; preparing final print
  9. Process of postproduction
    • 1.) Editing
    • 2.) Preparing the final print
    • 3.) Bringing the film to the public
  10. What does the producer and the director do
    Producer - guides the entire process of making the movie

    Director - determine and realize on the screen an artistic vision
  11. Two way movies are made
    • Studio system -controlled by a studio of people
    • Independent system - controlled by a producers who is unaffiliated with a studio
  12. What is AFFRM stand for
    African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement
  13. Who is its founder of AFFRM
    Ava DuVernay
  14. What is AFFRM's Goal
    Their goal is simple: to eventually release two films a year; quality independent movies from black filmmakers and aimed at black audiences t
  15. How does distribution form the economic power core for film industry?
    -Filmmakers need them to circulate their work

    --Exhibitors need them to supply there screens
  16. What are the six firms that remain the world’s
    major distributors?
    • -Warner Bros
    • -Paramount
    • -Walt Disney
    • -Sony/Columbia
    • -20th Centurty fox
    •  -Universital
  17. Ho do the six major firms hold such power?
    • -Large companies can best
    • endure the risks of theatrical movie making

    --Films are costly and most movies dont earn profits in theatrical release garner
  18. --Why is it important that films go to ANCILLARY markets like PPV, On Demand, DVD
    • Films usually dont break even or show a profit
    • until it has been released on cable,satellite, and home video(PPV, on
    • demands,DVD)
  19. How do Independent distributors get their films financed and exhibited?
    they try to pre-sell distribution rights in order to finance then they put their flms in festivals to attract distribution attention so their films can be marketed
  20. Why is it difficult for African-American cinema
    to get financed and distributed?
    Not seen as profitable because imagined not to be successful internationally
  21. What is the distribution strategy behind I Will Follow? What  ways is the film functioning as independent?
    As CHC?
    DuVernay funded the films herself
  22. Movies on test

    Upstream color
    Girl fight
    I will follow
    Spring breakers
    • CatFish - documentary 
    • Upstream color - movie with pigs
    • Girl fight - movie about boxer
    • I will follow - black movie 
    • Spring breakers - party movie
  23. How is independent cinema an alternative to
    Hollywood films
    Views are encourages to see indie films as more socially engaged and formally experimental than Hollywood
  24. Does independent cinema function as a distinct narrational mode or is it something else
    • not necessarily a narrational mode like are
    • cinema or CHC but a film culture
  25. What commonalities do art cinema and independent cinema share?
    • 1.) inferences on realism
    • 2.) Authorship I.e personal cinema
    • 3.) Animated by intellectual context of the era
    • (postmodernism;)
  26. What differences do art cinema and independent cinema have?
    • 1.) Ic is hardly as ambiguous as art cinema
    • 2.) Ic style is not nearly as challenging
    • 3.)IC can seem fairly classical in its  narrational approach
  27. -How did high concept originate? What is a
    more precise defiinition?
    Originated in television and studio industries 

    1) As a form of differentiated product within the mainstream film industry

    2)  As a narrative that is straightforward, easily communicated and easily comprehended but ALSO marketed through
  28. How does high concept differentiation occur
    • 1)Emphasis on style post-Classical Hollywood Cinema style (reflected after WWII and rise of television)
    • A.) Simplification of character and narrative        B.) Strong march between image and music soundtrack

    • 2.) Integration of marketing and merchandising
    • a.Star Power
    • b.Star Persona
    • c.Timeliness of the subject matter
  29. What were criticisms of high concept (3 things)?
    • 1.) Idea was actually "low" because the idea is so low it can be summarized in a single sentence.
    • 2.) Speaks to a potential bankruptcy of creativity in Hollywood

    3.) The films rely heavily on the replication and combination of previously successful Hollywood films
  30. What was the relationship between economics and high concept?
    • 1) Production practices in film industry are influenced by shifts in
    • Hollywood's industrial structure  such
    • as:
    • a.Conglomeration of the industry, the rise of television, the new marketing
    • methods, changing distribution strategies

    • 2)As the forces forming the mode of production change over time, so
    • too do the look and sound of the film product

    • 3)High concept film is designed to maximize marketability and
    • consequently, the economic potential at the box office

    4)"The look, the hook, and the book"
  31. What’s “the look, the hook and the book”?
    high-concept films marketing guidelines
  32. What were two major shifts after the invention of the movies?
    • 1.) individual owners of small production companies to med. firms
    • 2.)From med. companies to large
  33. How was the vertical organizational structure of the studios challenged by the independent producers?
    When the government broke up the monopoly the independents had access to movie theaters
  34. What are the rules governing the arranging of
    There are none
  35. What’s the difference between direct and
    indirect costs?
    • Direct cost - everything from art direction to cinematography
    • Indirect cost -  releasing prints,marketing.
  36. --What’s the current way that budgeting is done in the independent system?
    cost are categorized; producer or member of his team prepares the budget
  37. What are the responsibilites for those in charge of promotion and marketing?
    • -Determine the release date
    • -Determine the number of screens the film will be on
  38. What are the kinds of models for distributing
    and exhibiting a movie?
    • Exclusive and limited releases - first run showing in major cities
    • Key city release - a secondtire release that measure public response
  39. What is the production system in Hollywood an amalgam (a “mixture”) of?
    • 1.) a studio system 
    • 2.)independent production companies
  40. What did studio system mean in the past? What does it mean now?
    Past : a group of vertically integrated, with large numbers of contract employees. 

    Today: there is no system and the studio exist to make and release movies
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